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89 325i LS Swap (Rust Repair & Respray Underway)

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    Your car looks great man. Would you mind explaining your polishing process? My paint is in serious need of similar work and yours turned out fantastic.



      Believe it or not I just used this meguiars polish with a random orbital and then waxed it and it came right back. Every rag I used turned pink by the end of it though lol. This is some of the best light polish I've used not too harsh but will definitely cut through the oxidation
      1989 325i LS Swap (Money Pit):
      COTM Feb 2019:


        I'm runnin the DZ101's in a 16, X2 on the slight stretch.

        Car shined up nicely, good work!


          I really like the color combo! The tan w/ red interior keeps it original and a very classic look! Although, I have two other BMWs with black interior, so that is why I kept my interior tan. Tan looks great!
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            Nice work!

            Its cleaning up nicely!
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              Like where this is going... keep it up :)



                Uh oh I may have to have the mods move this to the project forum just picked this up last weekend hx35 with the 12cm exhaust housing. I'm in the process of rebuilding it now I also just purchased an obx manifold adapter. I haven't seen many reviews on these but when compared to the 666 they look identical I'll keep the thread updated with the progress it may be slow at first though. Hoping to make +400. I have my basic setup mapped out just need to start buying. :D
                1989 325i LS Swap (Money Pit):
                COTM Feb 2019:


                  Long time no update!

                  Well I really drove the car for the first time in almost a year today. Turbo builds are very slow processes. Here is some of the progress over last year
                  To recap I tore the car down to change the headgasket and install some of the new stuff.

                  Changed timing belt and all. Put it back together went with stock headgasket and metric blues (more on that later)
                  I went ahead and rebuilt the turbo and cleaned it all up.

                  I got it all back together and started her up.

                  Something wasn't right ended up accidentally installing the plug wires in the order of a v6 so it was wildly off.
                  Got the car out of the garage so that my parents could have their garage back.

                  I ran into some snags after this between frying coils (accidentally grounded out the coil long story) and not having any tuning experience. The car was also pissing oil. Realized the bitch tube didn't seat so off goes the intake manifold.

                  I also ran into an issue of the car making zero boost. Well there are certain things that and turbo rebuilding is one. The shaft ring did not seat right and ended up cooking itself and blowing the turbo. Anyways $300 later new turbo on and hello boost :D
                  Nice set of cars here. (S2K and e30 are mine mustang my family's)

                  Oh how I should have listened about metric blues. Combination of boost spike bad bleed and metric blues and pop it goes.

                  So now I am doing it right with arp's and a perfectly resurfaced head

                  Put it all back together and here is how it sits I have no idea how I'm going to get the front bumper on but that's next weekends plan.

                  I bumped boost down to 10 lbs until I build a real engine but it's still quick and a blast to drive. I will keep the updates coming as I add more things.
                  Here is a quick pull

                  Mod List:
                  OBX Manifold Adapter
                  44mm Tial Wastegate
                  Racing Parts Solutions 50mm BOV
                  42 lbs lucas injectors
                  Megasquirt with Wasted Spark
                  ARP's with Stock HG
                  3" Straight Through with a single resonator
                  I'm sure some other things I'm forgetting
                  1989 325i LS Swap (Money Pit):
                  COTM Feb 2019:



                    1991 325iS turbo


                      Oh and added a sticker (yes the vinyl cutter missed part of the T it will be fixed)
                      1989 325i LS Swap (Money Pit):
                      COTM Feb 2019:


                        Believe it or not I still have this car just with a different power plant in it. Here are some updated pics I will try to keep this thread a little more updated. I blew up the M20 so instead of building that motor I decided to ls swap it instead.

                        Mod List
                        4.8 iron block
                        224r Cam
                        LS6 intake
                        Camaro T56
                        Custom Motor Mounts
                        3" exhaust
                        4.10 LSD
                        Custom Hydroboost setup
                        GC Coils

                        I also reupholstered a set of sport seats in Natur vinyl and did a general clean up. I am also building a set of OZ Vega wheels that will hopefully be on it this summer.


                        And how she currently sits. It runs well but needs a few things tweaked on the tune. It took me 3 years to get the swap done and countless headaches but I am pleased.
                        1989 325i LS Swap (Money Pit):
                        COTM Feb 2019:


                          That’s one hell of a update!! Awesome build
                          Build Thread
                          Parts Thread


                            Nice build! How much power is it making?
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                              Originally posted by Pootis View Post
                     she currently sits. It runs well but needs a few things tweaked on the tune. It took me 3 years to get the swap done and countless headaches but I am pleased.
                              but still no lip?

                              Originally posted by Codym42 View Post
                              Nice build! How much power is it making?
                              yes! how dare you show a LS-E30 on the dyno and not tell us how much power its making!
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                                So does the LS completely roast those rear tires? Hard to tell if your TRMs are 15x8's or 15x7's.

                                This thing would be a hoot in the rain :rofl: