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The Yoga E30 Sedan Chronicle

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    The Yoga E30 Sedan Chronicle

    Hey Guys,

    bought another E30 Yesterday!!!! Heres the story -

    My finance has had the same 87 volvo 240DL for the last 6 years. This car, aka as Mrs. Burgundy, is dying. She has been a good car for the last 6 or what ever years but its time for it to disappear. Its been on both of our minds for a long time but finding another car can be a pain in the ass and you never really know what youre getting your self into.

    After I drove old Burgundy to get an oil change the other day I really realized what a ticking time bomb this car is! Its leaking every fluid possible from every possible place. Its pathetic really. :( Its just an old car that needs to be replaced. With her birthday coming up at the end of the month I thought I would be the man and buy her a new car!

    So the natural choice was a BMW. Duh.

    I was close to getting an E36 318i but it feel through, I looked around and considered taking a loan out for something nice. She wants an E46 touring, but they are still pretty pricy. E30s are getting hard to find and especially in good condition - or so I thought.

    Ciaigslist is always full of surprises isnt it? And right here in Local to me? You never know what your gonna find.

    Life is like a box of chocolates. :giggle:

    I've been super sneaky to not ruin the most epic surprise ever! :yawn:

    So with pleasure I present our new E30 - Quick Iphone pics dont do it ANY justice. I'll have my big camera to take some real pics soon.

    The details -

    1990 325i
    Sedan ftmfw
    178,000 miles
    2 owners
    Previous owners have had it for 13+ years
    Tons of maintenance
    New head unit
    New speakers
    AC blows cold
    Heater blows hot
    New oil pan
    New steering rack
    New wiper fluid tank
    New belts

    Came with a set of studded snow tires... bonus!

    It drives so nicely. I cant believe its 22 years old. Its seriously so smooth. Easy clutch and every thing works!

    I bought it from an old lady (score) who loved the shit out of it. She was almost in tears seeing it go. No joke. She had it resprayed in "new BMW black" about a year ago. I couldnt tell you the color. Carbon black from the E46 maybe? Its metallic and super sexy. It was originally schwartz but the respray looks like it was done right. The door jams and under side of the trunk were done too. There isn't a scratch on this thing!

    The interior has a crack free dash and all the instruments work just as they should. Even the check pannel works as it should.

    I went through the car with a fine tooth comb and really couldnt find anything wrong. So fucking stoked right now! Holy Shit. :nice:

    It needs -

    The front seats dont recline. I'm going to take them apart and see if I can find the problem
    A fog light bulb
    An oil change
    The top of the back seat is worn and could be replaced. Let me know if you have a Natur back seat.
    The floor mats are trashed
    Roundels are gross
    I'll probably change the belts for some continentals because the napa belts that are on there just dont fit right.

    Obviously its name is Yoga because of the vanity plate. We'll see if it sticks.
    Originally posted by 87e30
    First of all: calm the fuck down; second of all; cool story bro.

    Very clean, and four doors. Good job.

    1988 BMW 325 Super Eta - Elsa



    Originally posted by chadthestampede
    ^ Nothing you post makes any sense.


      take that carpet off the dash.

      looks nice man
      -FREEDOM- is cruisin at 80, windows down and listening to the perfect song-thinking "this is it"
      -The Beauty in the Tragedy-
      MECHANIC SMASH!!- (you all know you do it)
      Got Drop?? ;-)
      Originally posted by JinormusJ
      But of course
      E30s are know to be notoriously really really really ridiculously good looking


        Awesome! Buying E30s for our ladies is very cool. Make sure the maintenance is up to date. I know she will love it

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        New Oregon Trail


          oooh, original cosmoline too!

          any plans for it? i think euro H4's would be a practical upgrade. maybe euro grilles and trim too. and you're missing the front i lip!


            Thanks guys.

            Black sapphire huh? I tried to get a few good pics showing the metallic flake. Ill post em soon.

            I installed a newer wooden BMW shift knob along with a new shift boot, both were items in my E30 stock pile.

            The i lip, a new hood shock, 2 RSMs, and 2 fog light bulbs were ordered today.

            $94.00 To my door.

            Tomorrow it gets an oil change. Its the hardest surprise I've ever had to hold. I want to tell her so bad! I know shes going to flip out!
            Originally posted by 87e30
            First of all: calm the fuck down; second of all; cool story bro.


              nice pick up though
              how much did you drop on it?

              ]Real sht


                Nice find. She's sure to enjoy, I know you most likely will. lol


                  Very nice find.


                    nice pick up man, just make sure she doesn't get a car without telling you..


                      I felt good about the transaction all around.
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                      Originally posted by 87e30
                      First of all: calm the fuck down; second of all; cool story bro.


                        Dammit I need another e30! Nice find.
                        I want a nice set of smoked MHW's (I know, get it line)
                        Free Stuff!!:


                          I decided today was the day that I fixed the non reclining seats! It wasn't a bad job at all. E30 seats are a breeze to remove and then after a quick cleaning and some WD40 they decided to come back to life.

                          Mission accomplished. :D

                          Then since I had the seats out I figured it would be a good time to shampoo the carpets!

                          Heres a little before and after!



                          Seriously! Good as new! I was super happy with how clean they got.

                          More updates after tomorrows work!
                          Originally posted by 87e30
                          First of all: calm the fuck down; second of all; cool story bro.


                            Looking good! I love e30 sedans.


                              Yesterdays work! ~:D

                              Fresh painted goes along way. The grills look brand new!



                              I got the I lip, hood shock and RSMs installed today! Everything went smoothly. The RSMs were insane. They were falling apart in my hands. Im glad I got those out before this car is on the road.

                              I can't wait any longer! I want to give her the car today! Its so hard to resist. :P
                              Originally posted by 87e30
                              First of all: calm the fuck down; second of all; cool story bro.