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My '73 Roundie Revival [BMW 2002]

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    My '73 Roundie Revival [BMW 2002]

    Hey guys, I figured I'd post my project build in here since there are a few other 2002's and I love E30's as well.

    I bought this 1973 2002 in late February 2012, and have been working on it a bunch.

    This build includes a healthy mixture of mutilation/restoration/stancification/personalization/modification/etc.

    Let's get started:

    Then I did a little bit of work, took some interior stuff out and removed some trim. Didn't really accomplish too much today, just spent most of the day coming up with a gameplan:

    And here's one my girlfriend took of me about an hour after buying it :D

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    --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
    --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)

    Got to work on the car a bit more today. Continued to dismantle the interior to see how much rust I am really working with. After getting the interior bare, I was glad to see that the rust really isn't that bad. Mainly surface rust, however I will have to repair a few small spots. I came across some very half-assed fixes, but overall nothing overwhelming. I also found a couple cool little artifacts from the 80's! Let's get onto some pictures:

    First off, there are a few spots on the car that have a ridiculous amount of bondo, mainly the rear driver's side fender. Luckily I'm making my own fenders so most of that bondo will be gone. Look how thick it is!

    The driver's side door (which has been replaced) had a pretty half-assed door panel solution which included welding it to the door. Got my grinder out and got it off:

    Don't really know what happened here, I just need to re-weld it up again:

    Passenger side is clean:

    Then there's this thing. I'm assuming it's some sort of aftermarket air conditioning unit. I'll most likely end up selling it and make my own center console:

    The wiring for the stereo was absolutely terrible. My cat could've done a better wiring job than this:

    Some before's, during's and after's of the interior dismantling. I removed all of the sound deadening. Hopefully this stuff isn't sought after because I pretty much ruined all of it. I wanted to make sure the floorpans were solid:

    As you can see, the rust really isn't that bad. Majority of it is surface rust, but I do need to do little repairs here and there. And here are some of the cool little artifacts I found from the 80's:

    JFK matches:

    Shell Gas Card expired 1988. Maybe I should try to use it :)
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    --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
    --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


      Got a little bit more done today. Met up with my friend Derek who is the main sales guy at AccuAir Suspension, and we talked air suspension on the 2002 for a bit. I have a pretty good idea now of what setup I will be running, but it's going to be a little bit before everything gets ordered. I basically need to find the wheel setup that I will be running and base everything off them.

      Brought it back up to my Dad's house and continued on the dismantling process. I got the whole front end taken apart today. As usual, bondo everywhere, it almost seems as if the entire body has a layer of bondo. Kind of a bummer, but oh well, fuck it! Sorry if some photo's seem unnecessary, I'm just trying to document the build as good as possible

      rear driver's side

      rear passenger's side

      front driver's side

      front passenger's side


      OEM hubcaps in good shape, wonder if they're worth anything?

      Stupid idea in my opinion, just had to get the ol' grinder out.

      Inner fender, barely any rust!

      Passenger fender, ready to be cut


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      --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
      --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


        Not a very exciting update, but making progress! Got the rear end taken apart and started on some rust removal. Since the rust really isn't that bad at all, I've decided that I'm going to grind away as much as possible, fix the areas that have rotted through, and cover all the previously rusted spots in Rust Bullet and overcoat with Herculiner. I will be doing the wheel wells, floor pans, trunk area and possibly engine bay in Herculiner. I know some will say its unnecessary and overkill, but I want a clean, durable, consistent look throughout the car. Anyways, onto some pictures!

        Rear end taken apart:

        Post pressure wash:

        Started grinding away at the rust throughout the body. Please note that I am not finished in some areas, which is why it may seem that it's a sloppy job. Getting rid of rust is my main priority right now and I want to do it as good as I can:

        My only real before and after from today:



        Ordered Rust Bullet today, so it'll be a few days before I can apply it. I still have a lot of random rust spots to take care of in the trunk area, driver's side rear wheel well, floor pans, and other miscellaneous spots throughout the car. Slow progress right now, but I want to make sure rust is taken care of before I start on the fun stuff :D
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        --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
        --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


          Although updates have been pretty slow, I've been working on the car a bunch. I'm just mainly doing rust repair right now which isn't super picture/update worthy after every time I work on the car. So I'm just going to pile a bunch of pics I've taken over the past couple of days.

          Before I post some pictures, I need to say that I realize this isn't the absolute ideal way to deal with rust, however I'm doing the best that I can. I'm learning everything as I go, and I don't feel comfortable cutting out and rewelding in certain spots (such as the rear windshield area).

          I started off with grinding away as much surface rust as possible, and I almost got everything back to bare metal. I did repair a few spots in the floorpans, but for the most part everything was solid. You will notice in the pictures there are a few tiny rust spots here and there, but the rust bullet paint should take care of that.

          This is my welder, it's a Lincoln 180HD which I got for a super good price brand new off craigslist, and I just got a 141 cu.ft. Argon/co2 shielding gas setup for it so I can get at the really thin metal.

          This is the section of the driver's side floorpan that I cut out:

          Replacement metal, cut from an old Chrysler Sebring in my dad's backyard :rofl

          Welded up, please bare with me, it was my first time welding thin metal:

          Passenger's side floor pan. Only had to replace a small area, getting it ready for Rust Bullet:

          This is where the new quarter panel was welded in. Everything was a little rusty all around the seams but I got it all back to bare metal and ready for rust bullet:

          This is where the rear windshield sits. It's all dented up with bondo everywhere. Took it down to bare metal as good as I could. Ready for rust bullet

          Top of the windshield area, all of the rust ground down, ready for rust bullet.

          Rust Bullet applied:

          I know in some of the post Rust Bullet pictures, it looks like there is still rust all around it. That's mainly a mixture of dirt and the "Colorado" orange color which is the color of the quarter panel that was welded in. There is no more visible rust anywhere on the floorpan (except for the pedal box area, which I will be taking care of when I remove the box). Happy with my progress so far. Like I said, I know it would be ideal to replace every bit of rust with new metal, but I feel like I'd drive myself crazy doing that. I've read good stuff about Rust Bullet so I'm sure it'll hold up. Thanks for viewing!
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          --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
          --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


            Making more progress, got a bunch of pictures for you guys.

            Started getting at the trunk area for rust repair and general clean up:

            Got the gas tank out:

            Worst rust spot in the trunk:

            Didn't get very far with the trunk as my dad had time to help me pull the engine, so we started on that. Driveshaft out:

            Shifter assembly out:

            Tranny out (yuck):

            Engine is ready to come out:

            Engine out. My dad sold his engine hoist and mount a few months back so we had to improvise a bit haha:

            This is the only progress I made on the trunk area so far:

            My awesome dad:

            My parts room is starting to fill up!

            After a thorough pressure wash. Still need to get at some places:

            Going back for more tomorrow! Enjoy dudes.
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            --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
            --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


              Dropped the rear subframe. I ordered a bunch of new OEM rubber bushings for the suspension to freshen things up. Decided to go OEM rubber over urethane just because this car is going to be a comfortable daily driver, and didn't feel urethane was necessary. I also ordered 4 new CV boot kits as the current ones are starting to crack and are on their way out. Just waiting for everything to come in the mail!

              I was a bit nervous dropping the subframe by myself, didn't really know what to expect when lowering it down but it went smoothly:

              Both rear subframe mounts are lookin' kinda sad, these will be replaced:

              All the trailing arm bushings are shot, they all look like the one pictured. These will all be replaced as well:

              These bushings still look good, won't be replacing them.

              Needs a good cleaning!

              Also received this in the mail, a new carpet kit made by Esty!:

              All black to keep it classy, the whole set isn't pictured, just to get an idea of what it looks like. My cat was all over it, he thinks it's a quality set:

              Just a small update. Received my 4 new CV boot kits in the mail. Got most of the rust in the trunk area taken care of (didn't take any pictures yet) and started taking apart the rear suspension so I can clean and replace things.

              And this is random but I thought it was rad. I turn 22 on Monday and my girlfriend made this bench for me for my birthday, she's awesome.

              Time for a tacky display-new-parts-on-a-towel update:

              Just received my package from BluntTech which consists of a bunch of genuine BMW goodies. Included was:

              First picture:
              (2) inner control arm bushings
              (2) outer control arm bushings
              (2) compliance bushings
              (4) trailing arm bushings
              (2) rear subframe mounts

              Second picture:
              (1) trunk seal
              (2) black "Turbo" windshield locking strips
              (2) quarter window seals (driver and passenger side)

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              --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
              --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                Got this out:

                Took it to this (trailing arm bushing):

                Which led to this:

                And I ended up with this:

                All out:

                Pressing the new bushing in:

                And there we have it:

                So since the car has previously been in an accident on the left side, the left trailing arm mounts were a little bent up, pictured is the outermost mount. It had previously been fixed (kind of), and I decided to weld two thick washers on either side to close up and reinforce the metal. I measured where the bolt should be and welded everything up. Beware, the final product looks a bit ugly, I'm still getting used to welding. For some reason my wire feeder kept seizing up and would stop feeding wire while I was welding which was really messing me up. I didn't realize this until I was about done with this mount, so the welds look pretty terrible, but I figured it's not in a visual spot and I still penetrated the metal a good amount, so I'm confident that it will hold up. Like I said, it's not the prettiest thing in the world...



                Then I started on my CV boots. I noticed that one of my CV joints is different than the other three, must've been wrecked in the accident and replaced. Not sure whether it's aftermarket or OEM, but it seems to be working just fine.

                I took the joint all apart and cleaned everything real good:

                Put everything back together, greased it all up...

                All sealed up and ready to go. A comparison shot with the other axle.

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                --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
                --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                  Haven't made much progress on the car lately, we had a very unfortunate event. My best friend since first grade passed away on Saturday after a hectic year-long battle with cancer. He was such an awesome dude, and I'm going to miss him so much. He died much too young at the age of 21. The past couple of days have been really cool though, hanging with his family and all of our friends a bunch has been great help in dealing with the whole situation. Rest in Peace David King!

                  Got a chance to finish up the other 3 CV boots, so the axles are ready to go:

                  And also received all of my stereo stuff. I'm not really an extremist when it comes to car audio, so I bought some pretty basic stuff. I based all my purchases off reading product reviews, and tons of people were really happy with these speakers and receiver so I figured I'd go for it. Spent a little under $300 for everything and I feel it will perform perfectly fine for my standards. I'd like to focus more of my money on different aspects of this build:

                  Got the rear subframe all back together and back on the car. Some might wonder why I didn't repaint the whole thing and make it look all titties, but I decided against it. I just didn't feel it was totally necessary:

                  Then I started getting at the point in my build which I've secretly been dreading: body work. I decided to start with the worst section first, which would be the driver's side quarter panel. I knew there was gobs of body filler and boy was I right. It's almost a half inch thick in some spots. It's interesting to me that whoever owned the car while it was repaired, they cut out the wrecked quarter panel, and replaced it with a pretty trashed quarter panel. There are dents everywhere all over it, and the more I grind away, the more body filler and dents I find. Kind of discouraging but whatever:

                  Had my first go at "shaving", looks pretty haggard, but everything is sealed:

                  Also started doing all the trim holes:

                  Then there's this whole area. Basically everywhere you see bare metal was previously covered in 1/4"-1/2" of body filler. Pretty bummed on how beat up this whole area is, it's going to be hard to make it look perfect again. It doesn't look nearly as bad in the picture as it does in real life:

                  On a lighter note, my 7" crosshairs came in. Pretty excited on them, I think they'll look really cool. Love them on MK1's and MK2's:

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                  --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
                  --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                    Alright, so today was cool. Since I bought the 2002, I've been searching for a specific set of seats which come in later model MK4 GTI's. I think they only came in GTI's from 2004-2005, but I could be wrong. A guy in Sacramento had a nice set for sale, and he agreed to meet me in San Jose, which is about 3 hours north of me. So to San Jose I went this morning, and picked them up. Very happy with them, I just love them for some reason. They're going to require custom work to make them fit, and I'm going to have to chop up the rear seat a bit to make them sit flush on the back, but once they're done I think they'll look really good. Super comfortable too:

                    And I forgot to post this a few days ago, but I had to take my buddy down to LAX last week, and I wanted to utilize my time down in the LA area since anytime I need ANYTHING car related I either have to order online or drive at least 3 hours either direction from me. My area sucks when it comes to used car parts :(. Anyways, I checked the night before and found a guy in the LA area selling a bunch of '02 stuff, and he happened to have a driver's side door in good condition, so I picked that up after I dropped my friend off at the airport. My current driver's side door has about 1/4" of body filler lining the entire thing and the bottom corners are rusted out so I wanted one in better condition. This one is in much better shape with no filler and solid corners. Pretty stoked I got this, it will provide peace of mind and a relaxed soul for me in the future:

                    Made a small amount of progress today. Spent most of the day figuring out how I want to mount the front seats. The way the GTI seats are mounted is completely different than the 2002. Here is a picture of how the bottom looks, it has a triangular configuration where the front is bolted in the middle and the rear has a wheel on each side which sits in a slider:

                    One feature that I really like about these seats is that they pop up and forward when you want to let people in the backseat. I wanted to keep this function, here is a picture of how it sits normally and the second picture is when it's popped up:

                    So I decided that I'm not going to use the mounting system on the GTI seats. I want to use the sliders from the 2002 seats since they are pretty simple, so I'm going to just weld up some brackets for the sliders to bolt to on the seats and the floor. I won't be able to use the original mounting location for the seats since it will cause the GTI seat to sit too high.

                    I decided to just start cutting haha both "legs" from the GTI seats off:

                    I also removed a bunch of unneeded stuff from the bottom of the seats, but didn't take any pictures. I also removed the original seat mounts in the car, some might cringe when they see this haha I'm basically just ruining this car and scaring all purists away:

                    I'm going to finish up the driver's seat tomorrow, I need to go get some hardware and metal so I can make brackets and mounts and what not.

                    Also, I received these in the mail. After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to use MK1 rabbit fenders as flares rather than try to shape my own. I love the way they look on Heist's '02, and feel they were the best option for me:

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                    --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
                    --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                      E30 buildy things


                        Well I finally decided on a set of wheels, at least for now. They were cheap, had the specs that I'm looking for, and I actually really like how they look. A lot of people dislike these wheels, and I agree that the car deserves classier wheels. But for the time being these will help me dial in the fitment and I can always upgrade down the road sometime. I will probably rock these for a while though, I love the look.

                        15x8 et0 powdercoated black, they're a bit dusty from the cardboard boxes. Getting 194/45/15 tires mounted tomorrow:

                        Got tires mounted today. 195/45/15 Federals. Cheap but whatever, I'm not building this car for performance haha $300 out the door:

                        A couple comparison shots with the original wheels:

                        Very mild stretch. That's how I want it though, I love the way it looks. Not a huge fan of excessive stretch personally:

                        Random mock up picture. I had to space the wheels out with some washers just so the lugs nut would tighten all the way. I will probably throw on some 10-15mm spacers all around just to dial in the fitment once the fenders are welded up and ready to go. This picture doesn't really mean anything, I was just excited haha:

                        Started getting back on the seats. I'll just explain as I go. Picked up some 1" square tubing and got to work. Here is a piece clamped on ready to weld:

                        Welded on. I went pretty thick to make sure it was sturdy:

                        Then I made this little guy:

                        For this:

                        I originally had a different setup for this mounting spot but after I finished I realized it wasn't going to work. Kind of hard to explain in the pictures but I just ended up welding a bolt to the big round bar for the slider to mount onto:

                        For this:

                        Each slider required a different mount for the rear section, which is why one side has the bolt sticking out and the other has that weird little piece that I created (the bolt isn't pictured in the first picture because I messed up the first time around, I'm rambling). Painted everything up so it looks clean and now I have a GTI seat that is adapted to 2002 sliders :). Tomorrow I need to make mounts in the car for the seat to bolt on to:

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                        --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
                        --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                          I already said 10
                          E30 buildy things


                            Alright got some more work done. Got the driver's seat fully mounted and done and I'm about halfway through with getting the passenger's side done.

                            Beware, these mounts might look ugly to some of you. I basically had to weld three separate pieces together for each corner. I started off by welding a flat plate on the floorpan (roughly 2"x2") as reinforcement for the rest of the mount. I then took a piece of the 1" square tubing and mounted it to the slider and mocked it up and then made whatever was necessary to fit between the bottom plate and top mount. Hope that makes sense, it basically came out like this:

                            And now I have a new driver seat! Here is a picture of it all mounted up and ready to go. The second picture is it popped up and forward to allow passengers in the back:

                            Then I pretty much duplicated the same design for the passenger seat. This seat will require a slightly different approach to allow the "slider stopper" or whatever it's called to work:

                            After nearly a week of not being able to work on the car, I got back on it today. A few friends and I made a new concrete box at our skatepark and I fucked up my fingertips/hands pretty bad haha I know that sounds pathetic. My hands were pretty much useless for the last 5 days. Anyways...

                            Tackled the passenger seat today and got it 95% done. Started off by lining everything up and welding in reinforcement plates over the floorboards where the mounts will go. Here is a picture of the front two welded up:

                            The two outer mounts done:

                            All 4 mounts done:

                            And now both front GTI seats are all mounted up and ready to go! Pictures are kinda shitty and the headrests aren't pictured so the seats look kinda funky. The reason I said they are 95% done is because I still need to fab up a little stopper for the passenger side slider stopper thing, which basically locks the seat to prevent it from sliding back and forth.

                            The seats are super dirty by the way:

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                            --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
                            --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                              Looks like a fun project. My friend's first car was a '70 roundie. Many good times horsing around with that thing, trying to make it better. I wish you could still by 1,000 stamps for $2.95... people might actually use snail mail.