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Do The Ton[Schwarz Euro 323i]

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    Do The Ton[Schwarz Euro 323i]

    I picked this up early November, 2012.

    The day I picked it up.
    • -1985 323i, 2 door, 5 speed. ~230,000KM
    • -Engine recently replaced with a "low km" German import.
    • -Eagle Ignition Leads
    • -M Tech Springs
    • -Bilstein HD
    • -Urethane FCAB
    • -M-Tech 1 Steering Wheel
    • -15x7 et29 Rial Mesh.
    • -205/50/15 Kenda Komet SPT2.


    Now the fun part, correcting the previous owner's mistakes and making it my own.

    Plans are to build a cafe racer inspired E30 by removing everything that's not essential, replacing things with lighter parts and hopefully getting the weight as close to 1,000KG as possible. I don't want to have it looking like a stripped out track rat though, so the aim is to remove things that aren't immediately visible.

    Weight Reduction
    The owner's manual says 1090KG but this car has a sunroof and central locking, so I'll say the starting weight is closer to 1110KG.

    Engine bay:
    A/C = 18.0KG, P/S = 4.5KG, Carbon Canister = 0.5KG, Washer Bottle(+Water) = 5.5KG, Clutch Fan + Aux Fan = 2.0KG, Firewall/Trans Tunnel Insulation = 5.0KG, Headers/Exhaust = 5.0KG

    Total = 40.5KG

    In Cabin:
    Momo Corse + Bottom Mount Rail = 6.0KG, Momo Prototipo = 0.5KG Sound Tar + Insulation = 20.0KG

    Total = 26.5KG

    Trunk Tar = 16.0KG, Powered Antenna = 1.0KG

    Total = 17.0KG

    Weight Reduction = 84.5KG. Estimated Vehicle Weight = 1026KG/2,260lb.

    -Hot Tuning style RHD headers
    Exhaust = Headers + the mid section that come with them > Y pipe> 2.25" straight through to single inlet dual 2.25" outlet rear muffler.
    -A/C, clutch fan and P/S delete
    -Myster-E Short shifter + new shift linkage joint/bushes.
    -Solid aluminium sheet metal shift carrier mounts
    -Medium case S4.10.

    -H&R Race + Bilstein Sport
    -Front + Rear Strut Braces
    -JT Design Lifetime Aluminium RSM
    -White Line Sway Bars. 24mm front, 16mm rear.
    -15x8 et15 Nemoto RS(panasport style) - 205/55/15

    -Condor Speed Shop offset FCAB
    -Condor Speed Power Steering Delete
    -Condor Speed Shop UHMW Engine/Trans mounts
    -Condor Speed Shop Diff Mount
    -Condor Speed Shop 12mm subframe riser bushes
    -Condor Speed Shop RTAB

    -1997 Momo Corse Driver's Seat
    -Momo Prototipo
    -ZHP Shift knob
    -Top Gaiters M Stitched shift/hand brake boots
    -Euro analog clock
    -Houndstooth rear seat
    -Houndstooth front + rear cards

    -Coolant to throttle body delete.
    -Carbon canister delete.
    -Clutch fan delete + 16" Electric pusher fan install.
    -Goss GE034 external fuel pump
    -Goss GE015 Internal fuel pump
    -New Timing Belt + Tensioner & Waterpump = 10/2/2013

    Do work, son.



    Condor Speed Shop engine/transmission mounts were the first mod/upgrade.

    Put the S4.10 in.

    Weight Reduction

    Got some decent interior to replace the gayDM style shit that was in there.


    To this; 325iS houndstooth.

    Deleted this crappy OEM manifold with the restrictive emissions probes.

    Installed these cheap, shitty eBay headers.

    Put the H&R Race and Bilstein Sport in.



    Whiteline 24/16mm sway bars, Whiteline poly RTAB, and the rear strut brace a friend made.

    Condor Speed Shop FCAB

    Myster-E Short shifter

    15x8 et15 Nemoto RS and some free 205/55.

    Future Plans


    Plans are for a basic M20B27ic. C for carburettor. Euro 325e bottom end + #731, running on 6 x 40mm Keihin CVK. "euro" 325e's pop up at the wreckers every now and then, I can source VRS + head bolts through work and use the spare #731 head from my 320i track project. Everything I've read suggests that the late model M20B20 has the most aggressive factory cam and since I already have it, I'm going to use it. I already have two sets of caburetors from 98 ZX9R's, just need to sort out a manifold and linkage. Hopefully I will be able to cut down the stock manifold and weld some flanges on like this example.

    I'm not chasing huge power, I just want some more grunt through the corners. If it makes 112rwkw/150rwhp I will be more than happy.
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    Looks like a great start!

    Why's the sunroof a downside? Surely you have nice weather out there. Nothing beats windows rolled down and sunroof wide open on a cool summer day


      If you aren't racing this car competitively for money then you wont be able to tell the difference between sunroof and none.


        rtabs, diff, struts, mounts, wheel bearings.


          The sideways play I believe is common, mine dose the samething. I would be incline to say it is the diff cluncking. Thats what happened to me. If you need help or what ever feel free to PM me always glad to help a fellow E30ist and R3Ver.

          Nice car though love the wheels. You going to be a Eurofest?

          Oh and you would be gelous of mine, I have hardtopz.


            Welcome and nice find! :)


              They move freely from side to side? That doesn't sound right. At least mine don't do that. Isnt there a pin to hold them in?


                What wheels are those? they're awesome


                  Like what you are doing to the place!
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                    Beautiful car!!
                    Originally posted by LJ851
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                    ‘Tis by the grace of God that my cars run!

                    Originally posted by unloadedak
                    Siobhan's Build Thread - UPDATED!


                      Just Billie sports shocks I believe they are the B8 where you getting them from? They are cheaper from the States everyone over here is way over priced.


                        Cool yeh I had a few quotes from dealers around here, something in the range of $1500 lol. I ended up going with blunttech about the same price.


                          It's really freakin' weird that I'm reading this thread in an accent in my head.

                          1991 325iS turbo


                            ^Hopefully it's not too loud then. Its going to vibrate.


                              Originally posted by Hooffenstein HD
                              Just bought two quarts of this stuff. The mail man couldn't get here any sooner. I'm so excited to put my LSD in. Exactly how much do I need to use in a medium case diff?

                              I usually fill it up till it begins to pour back out of the fill hole. That is generally the rule of thumb.

                              FREE BITCOINS!!
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