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My m3: timeline, commentary, resurrection

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    My m3: timeline, commentary, resurrection

    The time has finally come to resurrect the m3 after sitting in various states of disrepair for 4 years.

    I first picked up the car on January 1st 2001. In the twelve years I have owned her, I have made so many modifications that I can't remember... Some I will list below with some pics for the timeline to the best I can remember and then talk a little bit about where it's going from here. The good news is that the more that I think about the plans going forward, the more I realize that the majority of what I want to do is already done - so definitely not starting from scratch. Here is a little timeline:

    Circa 2002:
    Car was pretty stock minus the wheels. Had a chip/intake/exhaust/short shift... Pretty basic stuff. Paint was not perfect but it ran well and I loved driving it.

    Circa 2003:
    Started changing some things up. I can't believe I ever thought that steering wheel was cool *forehead slap*

    Evo parts:

    DTM mirrors:

    Minor interior stuff:

    So at this point in spring of 2003 it turned into this:

    That's when things started changing big time. Did a full 2.5 liter rebuild with all the bells and whistles - literally everything was new but the block and head casting. Lots of custom work - this is a serious 2.5 liter. I think my rebuild thread is somewhere in here but after about 9 months it came out looking like this:

    This was probably the pinnacle of the car at this point. The 2.5 liter screamed. The paint, though not perfect, was reasonable but in need of attention. The sport evo wheels looked great. It was damn near an evo 3 knock off. This all culminated in this picture of the car which is probably my favorite shot of it in approximately 2007:

    Then shit got weird.

    I decided that the car would be "done" if I could get a DTM air box and alpha-n then repaint it - all set right? Right.... So I started the projects:
    Carbon box:

    And as I waited for some other parts for that, the prep began for paint:

    Seems like things are going ok right? Wrong. About a year later, it looked like this stuffed in the garage:

    Basically, it was raped. Unfinished.

    Why? I can't remember. It literally just stopped. So I had an m3 that needed paint And had an untuned alpha m system with a brand new motor.

    So I did collect some parts (cf hood for instance) to have sprayed with the car. Summer 2008 I went to a meet and had these pics taken after I somewhat put it back together to make it driveable. At least after all of my work, the engine bay looked awesome:

    I got distracted with the m5 about 6 months ago, and the m3 sat. This is where it stood last week:

    Now it's time to fix it.

    This thread may take a while, but this thing is getting rehabbed. I'll post the intentions for the car shortly. I have been gone from the site for a long time, but it's time to be back in the game and get this car back on the road!
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    Daaaaaaaaaamn. Why in hell have I not seen this around?

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      new favorite e30 pic


        Lol sounds like me. My M was on very good shape but I said not good enough lol now 3 years later and alo of $$$$$$ and many a pissed wife I hope to have it done this summer


          Originally posted by Austin! View Post
          Daaaaaaaaaamn. Why in hell have I not seen this around?

          It's been a while since its been out... Not much action since 2008.

          Got off to a decent start tonight... Started shopping and picked up a few things:

          Black carpet set
          New lights for all of the instrument cluster, dash, and OBC
          Gauge rings for the cluster - have an idea in mind for them.
          New bbs centers for the wheels.

          I also took inventory and figured out I have the majority of the parts I need for the interior already. Once the carpet goes in and the lighting is fixed the interior is more less squared away. Then it's on to the exterior.
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            One of the cars that got me hooked on e30's after buying the Borbet's off of your dad when you were doing the Alpha N conversion. One of my favorite cars hands down.


              Originally posted by rich4rdee View Post

              new favorite e30 pic
              This was my background for about a year and what convinced my wife to let me get my ///M. Thanks bro!
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                Welcome back Ted.

                Your car has always been one of my favs.
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                  Glad to hear things are better, in for the resurrection!

                  [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


                    sub'd. Great looking car!
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                            Thanks for the nice words fellas - time to start returning her to her former glory and the some and this was day one.

                            Today I tackled painting the rear parcel shelf black - which I have wanted to do for a long time - and I am happy with how it turned out. I think that this will match e black carpet much better and give it a cohesive and slightly more modern feel - taking some cues I. Colors from the newer m car interiors.

                            Ready to start:

                            Driver seat out:

                            Shelf out - it was seriously dirty under there.

                            Before paint:

                            After paint:

                            Cleaned up the area under the shelf - no one will see it but I know it's clean:

                            Soaked and clean the rear vents- these things didn't look that dirty but they were absolutely filthy - they look like new now and I didn't realize how bad they actually were.

                            Took the speakers apart and they are fine but the cover is not looking so good at this point so need to find new ones:

                            Still love this shift knob - never seen another one.

                            Then opened the hood to take a poke around. A few things here and some cleaning should put it back in the saddle.

                            I spent about 30 minutes just going through the interior and picking out everything that I want to replace/restore so I could be up to date on where things stand. Parts should be trickling in shortly to get this movin along in bigger pieces.
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                              What did you paint the parcel shelf with? I need to do the same.
                              Originally posted by codyep3
                              I hope to Christ you have looks going for you, because you sure as fuck don't have any intelligence.
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