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Ashes to Diamonds 2JZ e30 build.

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    Ashes to Diamonds 2JZ e30 build.

    I will update my thread in the reserved sections below with pictures and details for people who do not want to sort through the whole thread to see the story of the car! BUT I will also be updating the same exact updates, at the end of the thread, to follow the story line and conversations of this thread!

    Please follow Moca's Instagram account e30moca2jz!!!!! I will be posting a lot of sneaks and updates on that account!

    Hey everyone,

    I have been hanging out on these forums for a few months now, looking at some of your amazing rides and getting ideas. But know that I have some time its time for me to post my build thread. I will be updating this until the build is complete (which will probably never happen). But this may be a slow process, as school obligations come first and who knows how my time will be allocated.

    Some history first.
    I hail from NY and attend one of the service academy's. I purchased my first car in 2012, a 2005 OBP Subaru STi. With all modifications it pushed 400awhp.

    But I was involved in a accident in thanksgiving which included a roll over and I was lucky that no other cars were involved.

    And before I hear anything about racing, I was not racing. I was going 5mph over the speed limit hit a bump followed by a off camber right turn causing me to loose traction of all 4. I was the only one hurt in the accident and ripped my spleen almost in half a few mm's from the artery.

    After the accident all I could think of was what car to build next, at that point all I knew was I wanted to do a 2jz swap and have it be faster than my STi. I narrowed my choices down to the BMW e30 and the Mercedes 190, I chose the BMW e30 as I found it more classy and the old school BMW 4 headlights are to die for, being so light didn't hurt either.

    It then took me roughly 3-4 months to find the right e30, a 1988 BMW e30 325i. It was literally impossible to find one without rust. Even looked at cars in California to have it shipped over. No rust was essential due to the stresses I would put on the car. I finally found one. It had no rust, replaced suspension, steering rack, perfect interior, basically the seller took care of all those "old car problems" I would have to do myself. The only problem it did have was that its brake light switch needed to be replaced, and had some electrical problems with its blinkers. But I could fix that while doing the engine swap.

    After purchasing the car I worked with Freed Engineering to come up with a parts list. Ben Freed and Billy Freed will be doing most of the engine work, and Harry and I will be doing everything else and minor engine work, as well as learning from Ben and Billy.

    And here is some of the parts list, I have left out prices and non-significant parts such as front/rear main seals, water pumps, gaskets, hoses, belts, ect.

    2JZ Engine set
    R154 Transmission
    R154 Shifter Extension
    Clutchmasters Stage 3 Clutch kit
    Flywheel OEM
    JZ S-chassis wiring conversion with mount kit
    speedo converter box
    electronic VSS
    BW S363 Turbo
    Turbo manifold CX racing
    Tial MVR gate
    Tial Q BOV
    4" intake and filter
    Intercooler CX racing
    We will be doing a 3" strait pipe exhaust
    Since the drive train is being completely replaced we will be make sure the axles and diff can handle the power of the 2JZ and just not turn the gears into metal soup.

    As for our HP goals, I will keep that a secret until its done and will show the dyno sheet at the end (:

    And that is where I am right now with the build. I plan on making it a complete sleeper and leaving it how it looks in that picture above. Rims will have to be changed so I can actually grip and not just drift everywhere, but I am not sure if I will put on a front valence or anything like that yet. I think if I left it as it is, literally no one would think it is modified so heavily.

    Stay tuned and wish me luck!
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    My 2JZ e30 Build

    I will update my thread in these reserved sections with pictures and details for people who do not want to sort through the whole thread to see the story of the car! BUT I will also be updating the same exact updates, at the end of the thread, to follow the story line and conversations of this thread!

    UPDATE! (4/25/2013)
    Now its a matter of waiting for the parts, and getting into the garage!

    UPDATE! (8/1/2013)
    Sorry for the long break everyone. I just have not had to much time to put into the car the last few months between summer school, being sent to Japan, and other obligations. Ben Freed hasn't been the very free either, hes been working on some big projects. But now I am back and I have more time. The engine/drive train work should be done around the end of August, and who knows when all the cosmetics will be finished, ie. fender flares, rims, tires, gauges, paint job, interior, ect...

    But the parts are all in, and engine is out.

    UPDATE! (8/27/2013)
    Selling my BMW 1988 e30 325i engine/tranny link below:

    On another note, here is a teaser for all you followers!

    UPDATE! (10/11/2013)
    Work has started up on the car again, hopefully a lot more updates to come in a short amount of time. Doesn't look like ill get much time with the car before its garaged for the winter though :(
    Also! Ultrawide kamoto fender flares have been ordered, should be here by the end of the month!

    Today the crossmember was reinforced.

    UPDATE! (10/15/2013)
    So the engine is in, heheheh. Just makes me want to cry. Looking good too if I must say myself, but it looks like I might have to move the brake booster, feel like it will get in the way.

    UPDATE! (10/16/2013)
    A lot of updates these past few days! The firewall had to be stripped and pushed in a bit to make room for the rest of the engine and heater hoses.

    And had to cut out the shifter hole to fit the r154 shifter.

    UPDATE! (10/17/2013)
    Moved heater hose inlet.

    UPDATE! (10/18/2013)
    Looks like I lost a lot of followers cause of the build moving very slowly for the past few months, but for anyone still following; the third pedal is in! Would have been easier if I could have found a e30 manual in good condition, but whatever. Deed is done.

    UPDATE! (10/23/2013)
    So the polyurethane engine mounts came in and the engine mount brackets have been welded.

    Also a picture of the tranny support.

    UPDATE! (11/7/2013)
    So after we used a old block to create the engine and tranny mounts, we started to put together the engine that will actually be in the car. We are currently waiting for some parts for the clutch, but that should come in this week.

    What do you think about the turbo? hahah because racecar.

    And here a snap of the tranny.

    UPDATE! (11/9/2013)
    Put the real engine and tranny in. Some pics of the current engine by and clearances.

    UPDATE! (11/13/2013)
    The custom downpipe was made and installed today. So far the build is going pretty smoothly, no real big problems yet.

    Some Engine Pics:

    Down Pipe

    UPDATE! (11/18/2013)
    So we got the new radiator fan today, 16" SPAL, and installed it. The intercooler was also installed today :)....Everything's starting to come together! yay!

    Some random parts for power steering, clutch line and stuff



    UPDATE! (11/20/2013)
    Today the strait 3inch pipe was put in, however, we had to use a 3inch elliptical pipe cause of some clearance issues. We put on a Vibrant Performance black oval twin tip muffler. We should still have enough flow to hit the HP goals, and if not...well we can just go back to a 3inch hahaha. Here's a link to the muffler:

    UPDATE! (11/24/2013)
    Put the bumper on, and some fitment pictures.

    Kind of looks good just like this hahaha.

    Bumper on.



    UPDATE! (11/26/2013)
    Jesus it is hard to fit everything in between the bumper. Here are some more pictures of how tight it is in there. AC was a must.

    UPDATE! (12/20/2013)
    Hey boys and girls, its been almost a month since the last update. We ran into a problem with the intake manifold not fitting. So currently we are making a custom one. We also had to remove the brake booster and look for a remote booster set up. Finally one was acquired.

    And before I forget, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!

    UPDATE! (12/23/2013)
    So we figured out a way to not make a completely custom intake manifold from scratch. All we had to do was modify the runners a little and cut some tabs.

    Also, Happy Holidays Again!

    UPDATE! (1/2/2014)
    Happy New Years Everyone! Hope the snow is treating everyone well ;)

    And as my first post of the year. Its almost ready for start up!

    UPDATE! (1/7/2014)
    Wiring harness. Done and done.

    UPDATE! (1/9/2014)
    Its almost there boys and girls! Cant even tell it went through a swap. Sleeper status baby

    UPDATE! (2/3/2014)
    Super Sleeper Status...Sounds good huh :)

    Almost done with the drive train stuff!

    UPDATE! (2/19/2014)
    So a few things have come up since my last post.
    1. The axle was a little to close to the gas tank for comfort so it was stabilized and the rear diff bushings were installed.
    2. Since the brake booster was removed, we opted for bigger rotors and brakes to help ease the brake pedal. (anyone know any other tricks to make the brake peddle softer?)
    3. I have to buy new rims to clear the brakes.

    So does anyone have rims for sale? I have the Kamoto Ultra Wide Fender Flares, so I would like to get rims as close to or wider than 10.5. But I will take something thinner also, just please send PM's.

    UPDATE! (4/15/2014)
    Ok, so Its been a couple of months since my last update...IM SORRY! But it has been very difficult to find the wheels I needed, with a quick turn around time. BUT, do not worry..I found some! :)

    So in the past month we have ordered the Ground Control Coilover Conversion Kit (Front 550, Fear 750), got a new set of wheels (16x9 and 16x10.5), 4 to 5 lug adapters, and started to mount Kamoto's Ultrawide fender flares. Originally we were planning on wrapping the tires with 255 in the front and 275 in the rear, but we might have more space to mess with. We shall see.

    The wheels also came wrapped in Falken 512's 205/40/16 and Kumho Ecsta XS 215/45/16 (I know, they were stretched like crazy...I was honestly amazed) that I will be selling for pretty cheap. Let me know if anyone is interested.

    UPDATE! (4/23/2014)
    So we just got the ground control coil over conversion kit, got our own shocks, shortened the strut housing by 1", and put it all together. Looks pretty good. We hit a little obstacle however. I originally planed to run 275's in the rear but the widest thing I can find for 16" is 255. So I'm looking to sell/trade my wheels, and also looking into the idea of just running 255 in the rear and 235-245 in the front, Ill just have to get some super sticky tires. I don't know how these will look with kamotors ultrawider fender flares though, so maybe ill cut them or grind them down to not flare as much. All to come! Stay tuned!


    UPDATE! (4/24/2014)
    So its almost time for the car to hit the road. The fender flares will be put on after I wrap the wheels with 245/255 and will probably also go lower. Here is how she sits right now!

    [URL= 68bac750.jpg.html][/URL

    UPDATE! (5/3/2014)
    So I finally got my insurance and the car registered so it was time to drive it and push it hard to see if any problems popped up. It spooled hard and loud, and it felt like it was trying to kill you. It was simply put, everything I've ever wanted it to be and more....But unfortunately a few problems popped up:

    1. After a 5 minute drive we noticed some light smoke in the car, figured out it was wiring. Good thing we caught that right away, no serious damage occurred.
    2. We had a problem with the brake linkage and the rims would get hot to the touch, fixed that right away.
    3. We developed a vacuum leak, and currently are diagnosing and figure out the problem. The car should be 100% in a few days.
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    My 2JZ e30 Build


      UPDATE! (5/27/2014)

      So I been busy, since I just graduated...Yay! Anyway I took sometime to do polish and wax the car for the first time yesterday. Wanted to see how well it cleaned up, but I still have to clay bar her and do a few more coats. She is looking loving though!

      UPDATE! (7/21/2014)

      Hey everyone! So its been a while since a posted on this thread. I just moved to SD two week ago and its been a crazy few weeks getting settled. But I finally got my car shipped over here and everything went well except a crack on the top of my windshield. They promised to replace it though so its all good. I also had a lot dirt and stuff from the move and decided to give my car a little day at the spa. We tucked the bumpers and gave it a 3 step detailing process. Whole thing took 10.5 hours to a little OCD about my car haha.

      Well here are some pics! enjoy!

      Bumper Tuck: (Yes we used a forklift lol)


      Before Detailing

      During Detailing (middle is after wax/gunk remover, side are after paint polishing)

      After Detailing

      Some other shots:

      Sorry for all the pictures! But I guess more is better than less in this case? Have a great e30 day hahah.
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      My 2JZ e30 Build


        UPDATE! (4/17/2019)

        Well ladies and gentlemen. It is an exciting time for Moca and I. Last post I made was little under 5 years ago, but I am back with updates and lots of things to follow. You know rereading, my younger-selfs, writing was pretty cringe worthy. But maybe it will provide some insight on how I have/have not change if we compare it to the new posts that will be coming.

        Anyway, the real reason the thread went stagnant was mainly due to my work, being in Japan, and just separated from the vehicle. But now I am back stateside, got my car shipped to me, and have plans in motion for her.

        I also made a Instagram for Moca. Please follow e30moca2jz! I will be posting sneak peaks and updates constantly of the car.

        But regarding future plans some of the big highlights are the Pandem kit, painting, and wheel alterations.

        Thanks for all the support over the past 5 years to my old subscribers and future thanks to all the new ones!

        Stay posted!
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        My 2JZ e30 Build


          congrats on the find and good luck with the build...i'll be keeping an eye on this one...
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            Moved, welcome to r3v. I like what you did to the STi, looks so much better.
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              Originally posted by F34R View Post
              Moved, welcome to r3v. I like what you did to the STi, looks so much better.
              Was feeling artsy that day and tried the abstract look
              My 2JZ e30 Build


                Big 2jz fan! Sub'd
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                  2jz awesome.


                    This is going to be a great thread! Cant wait to see the progress.

                    Also, anyone else see the striking resemblance between the wrecked STI and the Civic? LOL
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                      Welcome and good luck, btw do you go to West Point?
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                        Glad you didnt get hurt worse! Very interested, will subscribe.
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                          Originally posted by BMWerke View Post
                          Welcome and good luck, btw do you go to West Point?
                          Nope (:
                          My 2JZ e30 Build


                            Originally posted by chance View Post

                            Also, anyone else see the striking resemblance between the wrecked STI and the Civic? LOL
                            I see it
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                              You're pretty close to Stony Point, my Grandparents live there.
                              E30 buildy things