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My e30 Drift car and the road to a 600whp m20

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    My e30 Drift car and the road to a 600whp m20

    Well i guess i should start one of these since all the cool kids are doing it.

    Heres my e30 when i purchased it almost 2 years ago (will be 2 this september)

    It was supposed to just be a fun car while my 73 Charger was down and in pieces. Over the next few months i did the suspension, brakes, timing bel...ect basically getting her back in good shape after she had been sitting around in Virginia for the past 6-7 years or so

    Then i decided, eh lemme maybe build a track things started going in that direction

    Then this popped up complete for a great i figured, what the hell.

    I kept things fairly civilized

    Then earlier this year some friends convinced me i should get into drifting..and this started

    Things got progressively worse

    Im just gonna jump ahead here to my last drifting event i did this past weekend. This is the 4th event ive done and i absolutely LOVE it, we had 4 car tandems going on and just general fun and mayhem. Bash bar was inspired by Jezza on here who is doing a ls1 drift e30.

    I like 3 wheel dirt drops, Chad takes it to another level

    And now to bore you with specs.

    2.7I, holset hx35, ebay manifold, ms1 14psi 330whp
    Full solid Condor mounts and bushings
    Motorsport hardware studs/nuts
    E36 Rack with tie rod spacers
    WanganStyle (Haoming Chang) 4 clutch 60% lockup diff
    TR Motorsport C1's, r888's in front, Yokohama S.Drives out in the rear (gonna try some direzzas next)
    HIK fabrication trailing arm reinforcements

    The guys on here and people like Carlos, Ryan, Levent, Steve, Haoming, (to name a few, i could go on all day) and my friends have all really made this all possible for me, without them and without the help of the forum none of this would have happened.

    So a very big THANK YOU!

    That about sums it up.

    He is a some pics from a recent shoot as well

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    Heres a video of the last event in car, had to cut the run short due to fuel issues and Sal in the e36 behind me being on my ass and not wanting him in my trunk. Ill upload some others when i get the chance.

    I had to cut this run short due to a little hiccup which i believe was some fuel starvation, with Salvatore on my ass i wasnt gonna take any chances.
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    Haha. Looks like a shit load of fun.


      Thanks man, shes a blast for sure!


        Love it! Been sharing your pics on facebook, cool to see the thread and action video!
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        Originally posted by StereoInstaller1
        Maybe 300 CANADIAN HP, thats like 225 US HP.


          Helllllllllllll yeahhhhhhhh 8)

          1991 325iS turbo


            Nick whats your fb? Thanks

            Thanks AK

            Some more videos of last event people have made

            ***Please LIKE/SHARE/COMMENT*** It helps the community grow.This video is a compilation of Ready Set Drift event at Limerock July 26, 2013Filmed and Edited b...

            Some clips from the ReadySet Drift event that i was asked to throw together. Enjoy! (Good turbo noise clip at the last 4 seconds after it cuts to black)Song:...

            0 views, 27 likes, 0 loves, 10 comments, 18 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Grizzly Productions: Some coverage of ReadySetDrift's limerock event. stay tuned for more coveraged.

            Another event coming up this sat, then pocono in sept! which should be awesome and really fast drifting.


              Nick Ochieng

              My buddy Kadeem (Kman_e30) has a similar paint scheme on his early model drift car so I shared yours on his wall

              Bronzit 4-door Swap Drifting somewhere
              Cammed B25 Swap Daily Driver
              Updated 10/1

              Originally posted by StereoInstaller1
              Maybe 300 CANADIAN HP, thats like 225 US HP.



                His car is nice and clean! (comparatively anyways lol) Will watch the thread for sure.

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                  haha yessss I was like ehhhh on the wing and then I saw the sticker and it made it 10000 times more awesome
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                  Build thread HERE


                    SICKK! I've seen this car on IG and am glad to see you on R3V! Got a similar build going on and just need to get the balls to get out there. Kudos for doing it!
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                      Haha thanks guys!

                      Link to build kid325e?


                        Buddy following me from this last event, more videos/pics should come up soon

                        Sorry for the toaster quality, idk what he used.

                        nissan 240sx s14 following a bmw e30 at lime rock.ct.


                          This car is freaking gangster
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                            Thank you sir! Though i think your LS car takes the cake! Again thank you for the bash bar inspiration! Would be cool to get em both on the same track!


                              Some from this last event, excuse the bay tails I normally run startecs but due to the fact there might have been some bumping from tandeming I took them off for this last one and the next coming up.

                              Folks don't try this at home. FYI nothing broke and as usual Ryans nuts (and studs) are perfect! I got a little to happy during a manji section and spun 180 into some soft dirt/sand, de-beaded a tire but everything else was just fine.

                              Some more shots from later on

                              Little edit someone did

                     | Decided to film rather than drift at my first drifting event at Limerock Park in Connecticut. Definitely blew my expectations out of th...