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#BecauseRaceCar Story and Build - M60 6-spd

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    #BecauseRaceCar Story and Build - M60 6-spd

    The story of how my sister's E30 became a race car.

    1987 BMW 325, 145k-ish, (non-working odometer for who knows how long), needs work, clean body, cleanish interior.. needs TLC..

    I am going to make a long story short. Sister bought a good mpg daily for $2500 in 2010. She drove it for 4 years, just oil changes done, then radiator blows. The E30 sits for 6+ Months. She moves and needs its gone, I take it, decide to try to fix it and sell it... Pic is from 2010 when bought:

    Acquired E30 in 2014.

    Replace important parts:
    Stripped/Cracked Oil Pan

    Timing belt, WP, Radiator, Hoses, etc.

    Get a 25 year old car, running tip-top.

    Lower respectively, and replace all tie rods:

    Tuck diving board bumpers:

    Make a very nice Daily Driver, FOR SALE:

    I drive it daily for a while, good on gas, cheap to maintain, etc...
    Start to like it more and more... no longer for sale...lower it a tad bit more...ya know because race car...

    pick up cheap race wheels and tires...because race turning back now...

    BEWARE Bassett wheels are not a good choice of wheel for an E30.

    stiffer suspension and loud exhaust.. because race car..

    new lip for brake ducts..

    Build custom 3" brake know..

    Electric Fan conversion:

    Bucket seats with 4-point Teamtech harnesses, because, you guessed it.

    Track Day #1 - Thunderhill Raceway
    I'd say she looks damn ready!

    Loaded up!

    I knew something would go wrong..

    Heater core busted of all things, and was pissing coolant inside of the car.. what do you? call it a day? no. you bypass that shit and you get back on the track! you know why? Because Race Car.

    Sucessful Track Day, the car survived, things added to race car list:
    - brakes/fluids that can handle the track temps
    - more power

    Flea-bay Headers:

    Actual Race Brakes, Hawk Blue 9012 for the front, HP+ for the rear, and High Carbon Centric Blanks all around:
    Instagram Picture Link - Race Brakes
    New Hubs and 90mm Stud Conversion
    Instagram Picture Link - Race Studs

    Track Day #2 - Laguna Seca Raceway

    I had an off at Turn 9..

    Overall good track shakedown..
    new brakes did very well, tires did well also, still lacking power..
    or maybe its weight holding me back..
    New objectives before next track day:
    - Lose weight

    Track Day #3 - Buttonwillow Raceway
    (sorry all instagram pics, apparently I don't have any saved on my computer)
    27 likes, 0 comments - Daniel Graas Hernandez (@dmgh21) on Instagram: "Ready for Buttonwillow Raceway this weekend. #e30 #trackcar #trackday #becauseracecar #87 #bmw #325"

    after the first couple sessions, had one off, track was slippery after repave.. Green miata is my track buddy..
    24 likes, 4 comments - Daniel Graas Hernandez (@dmgh21) on Instagram: "Break time after a couple sessions at Buttonwillow raceway. #bmw #miata #buttonwillow #e30 #beca..."

    and a very sexy picture at Buttonwillow:

    End of Season 2014.. Time to get to work!
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    The "Because Race Car" M60 V8 Build Thread
    On Instagram Straight Flexin' #BecauseRaceCar

    Start 2015

    Windows are out..

    That can only mean one thing.. because race car..:)

    Fully welded..


    Waiting for paint to cure, so i decided to wrap the cracked dash in "suede"

    dash mounted

    seats in:

    NRG steering wheel in:

    1/4" lexan polycarbonate windshield in with badass BMW motorsport sunstrip..

    windows going back on!

    Some center dash sexiness.. Auto-Meter Gauges for monitoring oil temp, oil pressure, and water temp.

    Then FINALLY some REAL Race wheels and tires!!
    15x8" Miro wheels wrapped in 225/45r15 Toyo Proxes RR with Orange TPMS Retro Fit sensors to live monitor tire pressure and internal temp.

    Another shot of the interior:

    Front end, with the tiny roller tires..

    Some other important things not documented that were added:
    - Goodridge SS brake lines, all 6.
    - Headlight Ducts - one for intake, one pointed at headers (really keeps underhood temps down)
    - Walbro 255lph fuel pump (no more hi/lo pressure fuel pumps)
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    The "Because Race Car" M60 V8 Build Thread
    On Instagram Straight Flexin' #BecauseRaceCar


      Track Day #4 - Thunderhill Raceway

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      The "Because Race Car" M60 V8 Build Thread
      On Instagram Straight Flexin' #BecauseRaceCar


        Nice work dude.

        The title caught my attention and you did not disappoint!
        The dash came out really nice!
        You can extend the wiring for the window switches and install them on the panel you made

        Areas to remove weight from
        Sound deadening
        -firewall engine side
        -Firewall cabin side
        -transmission tunnel trans side
        -transmission tunnel cabin side
        -floor boards
        -rear seat bottom
        -under the rear parcel shelf
        -inside each door
        -inside each 1/4 panel
        -trunk floor
        If the car is not running ac or power steering you can Un bolt the front accessory pulleys use shorter bolts or the same bolts with washers

        The drive shaft has a harmonic balancer ring that some models use some don't.

        Complete ac system
        Compressor bracket
        All the hardlines
        And the there a component inside the dash but can't rember the name right now

        All seatbelt component for the rear seats

        Stock size battery weighs 35-40 you can install an odyessy pc-680 that weighs 16lbs

        Parts for Sale
        YouTube Channel


          Great work dude. Love the race car

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            Love your build man. E30 for track use is awesome.
            1990 e30 325is S50 swap (NASA GTS2 race car)
            1990 e30 325is
            1988 e30 M3 S50 euro swap


              Originally posted by iwantspeed View Post
              The title caught my attention and you did not disappoint!

              exactly how I feel. You can get the car pretty light if you are serious. Have fun
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                This is awesome. I need track...


                  I like this race car very much.


                    This is fuckin cool

                    Originally posted by SpasticDwarf;n6449866
                    Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


                      I actually really liked the steelies.


                        Thanks guys! I appreciate all this positive awesomeness from this forum.. I will not disappoint with my build, I do also have some prototype custom parts I am adding to help with aerodynamics. stay tuned!!

                        btw, sorry for the delay of the update.. i will update more tomorrow night for sure!
                        The "Because Race Car" M60 V8 Build Thread
                        On Instagram Straight Flexin' #BecauseRaceCar


                          Originally posted by 325ix View Post
                          I actually really liked the steelies.
                          I kinda did like the way they looked too. But they were heavy and they were lug centric, not hub centric.. and they were a pain the work with.. and they did not feel really secure on the car..
                          The "Because Race Car" M60 V8 Build Thread
                          On Instagram Straight Flexin' #BecauseRaceCar


                            Very fun build to go through! Keep it up and I hope to see you sometime out at the track!



                              Great build so far!

                              I really like your custom cooling ducts and reusing the old brake shields to make them. I'm tempted to replicate your design for my car.