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Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)

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    Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)

    Esquire E30

    After owning EP3 Si for almost 4 great years it was time for a change. E30 was my first route. So after spending days and weeks of searching e30 on r3vlimited, craigslist and many other websites . I found a vert one hour away from me. Arranged the meeting same day and went to see the car. Owner kept the car in storage for long time. That’s why mileage was pretty low for the age. (114k). Vehicle was taken care of well by all previous owners, all services records were documented, passed to next owners. Including the first bill of sale from 1987 but unfortunately something came up for previous owner and he moved to Maine and left the car behind. I guess it was the point car started seeing bad days. His friend was driving it but he didn’t take care of it well. Left it outside during winter, tried to fix many stuff in ghetto way (duck taping broken shift knob, using a stick to hold trunk (blown strut), pushing passenger window up with hand,(turns out just the switch) many other stupid things..).

    It wasn’t in terrible shape but I would say bad condition. He was asking more than it was worth as he thought it was in a condition as he left it. After couple minutes of checking the car I listed the things that needed immediate replacement. Glad owner was a cool guy and I got it lower than what I was willing to pay.

    First picture on the way home. In the picture paint doesn't look bad but trust me it wasn’t in good shape. You will understand what I mean in below section.

    (First night)
    Put it the garage stared at it for half hour and made a do to list. Paint was my first concern since his friend let the car sit outside for long time.

    I was extremely busy with my finals so didn't have chance to do anything till next weekend. In the mean time, I ordered parts.
    First Weekend. Project begins

    1.Painted headlight grill, and third brake light cover in gloss black.
    2. Replaced front and rear rotors-pads

    3. Fixed stock radio (it was stuck in tape mode)
    4. Detailed interior especially the seats.
    5. Detailed exterior. Compound, polish and Wax. (Came out better than I expected)

    Paint before and after. That difference between fender and windshield pillar.

    6. Replaced BMW emblem on hood and trunk

    7. Installed BMW ZHP 5 speed shift knob with M stitched shift boot
    8. Installed Mtech I steering wheel
    9. Installed wind deflector
    10. Muffler delete
    11. Wrapped headlights with yellow and smoked film.
    12. Fog light delete
    13. Painted bumper plastics, kidney grill, headlight trim

    14. Tucked front and rear bumpers

    I start to feel like project was getting better. One day I was going down hill and this retard truck driver jumped on the road, pressed on the brake pedal, Fucking nothing, feels like sponge, sinks to the floor, quickly downshift to third gear, then 2, and then first gear but still wasn't going to stop and lastly pulled the hand brake all the way up for the dear life of e30. while I was doing all this shit, truck was standing in place looking at me like total idiot. Glad I was able to save it.

    15. Went to my friend's shop with no brakes and replaced the brake master cylinder.

    After driving the car for couple week, this time my clutch pedal sunk to the floor in the middle of the night. Looked for the leaks but no leaks found. Waited for truck driver for an hour, got tired of it and left the car on the street of somewhere.

    16.Next morning, towed it to the shop changed clutch master and slave cylinder. God, what a pain in the ass job. Next, time I am paying someone to do it. It just not worth to time and effort.

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    Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)
    Ultimate Tanning Machine

    Rewrap M-tech I steering wheel DONE
    Installed Lowtech 60/50 springs DONE
    Window Tint DONE
    Vinyl Wrap windshield pillar in gloss black. Maybe mirrors.
    Paint Valve cover and intake manifold.
    Re-dye seats.
    Custom cluster.
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    Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)
    Ultimate Tanning Machine


      good looking vert man. you made the paint look great
      WTB:m60b40 in PNW
      Zachary Ripley

      85 318i M50B25tu.
      92 525it 5 speed.
      80 244gl (m60 prepping).


        wow you really brought that paint back! looking forward to future updates


          Great job on the paint resto. Zinnoberrot?


            In for another 'vert build.
            Patrick Henry

            1989 325iC build:


              Here as well. What did you use to get the paint like that? I need to do that to my cars and am researching others results. I am considering a wet sand, but would like to try a polish first.


                1. Wash and clay bar the car.
                2. Use Meguiars Ultimate Compound with dual action polisher
                3. Use Meguiars Polisher
                4. Wax it for last protection and shine. I prefer Meguiars paste wax

                Ultimate compound does perfect job to remove swirl marks, and restore oxidized paint. I prefer that instead of wet sanding.

                Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)
                Ultimate Tanning Machine


                  Long time no updates. The car was in storage for 6 months while I was overseas. First thing I did was an oil change before starting the car up. After oil change and battery recharge, she started and ran like a champ.
                  Here, taking her out of the storage.

                  Window tint. %15 sides, %50 windshield


                  Finally installed my low-tec 60/50 spring. They are with Bilstein HDs. What a huge difference. Handles much better. Ride is not really stiff but there is way less body roll. Perfect height for daily. Sorry for the dirty rims and faded tires. Since its hard to find the front license plate filler for early model, I decided to shave the orginal one. Looks much bettter.

                  Steering wheel restored. I will post up more pictures of the interior next week.

                  Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)
                  Ultimate Tanning Machine


                    Chrome bumpers need chrome kidneys, but damn dude, you did work on the paint. Nice.
                    AWD > RWD


                      ^^ Thanks man. I will make more changes in front end. Its going to be something unique. Waiting for the parts. :)

                      Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)
                      Ultimate Tanning Machine


                        Fantastic work on the paint. I'm not a huge fan of the tint, but to each his own :up:


                          Lookin good so far man!
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                            Long time, no update. I guess today is the day :)

                            Lots of things have been replaced on the car. Removed ugly stock side decals. It was absolutely PITA.
                            Also New water pump, distributor cap, spark plugs, etc. and most importantly late model front valance. I wish I have done this late model valance with diving board job earlier. The car looks a lot better.

                            M-Tech 1 steering with with M stitching and red stripe.

                            More recent pics

                            The car will be up for sale today in the forum. Just wanted to leave this here. I will post the link here for the sale thread.
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                            Esquire E30 Build (87 325i Vert)
                            Ultimate Tanning Machine