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Let's make an E30 M3! (M3 S14 cabrio clone project)

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    Nice work!
    I know you had a deadline to achieve, but please make sure the body shop is going to finish the job now that the Picnic has come and gone. That body needs a serious wetsand and polish to reflect (no pun intended) all the work you've put in to it!

    Enjoy it for many years!!!
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      Good catch UNHCLL, the entire body needs a wet sand & polish to get that "glass" effect. We're waiting a bit longer before digging into that part of the project. It was fresh out of the booth a matter of days before the show :p

      The car definitely isn't "done", the picnic was a good rollout but there's a lot of work left. I still have some wiring to finish, A/C to install, and a new soft top to put on (no one was aware that the car was a roadster at the picnic!)

      Many little things to do before I can consider it "done" but having a deadline was a good way to light a fire under me to finish.

      Originally posted by rzerob View Post
      Amazing job. Do you plan to put on red bumper tape?
      You know, I actually bought both red and black bumper tape for this car, and I think I'm going to leave it off completely. I've seen M3 cabriolets that were delivered without it and the channel in the bumper was left body color which I quite like (I'm not sure if this was an option, a region thing, or what. There's so little information on these cars and I haven't found a definitive answer.)
      '89 Schwarz E30 M3 Cabriolet Build


        Originally posted by IronJoe View Post
        Micro-update, I got all new under-trim for the rear bumper. This was supposedly created to help air flow underneath at the rear of the car. Spendy for pieces of plastic but worth it!

        Untitled by IronJoeT16S, on Flickr

        Untitled by IronJoeT16S, on Flickr
        The car looks awesome! By the way, is there any chance you might have photos of attaching these? I'm interested in the shape and position of brackets at the spare wheel well and the attachment to rear bumber. Am I correct when assuming the plastic plates attach to the bumber with plastic rivets and kind of metal washers? Is there some shape in the rear bumber to keep the metal washers in place? I'm adapting these plates for M-tech 1 rear skirt and the spare part catalogue is not very exact on which fastener goes where.
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          Fantastic work, great to see it finally painted


            Check out the metalwork pix at this link.



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                I’m not a Facebook member either. Just click on link & you can still view the juicy goodness..!

                CAPP :-)


                  Well, the Bring a Trailer auction has ended and the car will be going to its new home in short order. Thanks to everyone who's followed this build, I'm hoping the new owner will be involved in this community in some capacity and I'll make sure to direct him here. It's bittersweet, but rest assured you haven't seen the end of IronJoe ;)

                  I couldn't share these before the auction went live, but here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot:
                  L1001208 by IronJoeT16S, on Flickr

                  L1001199 by IronJoeT16S, on Flickr

                  L1001155 by IronJoeT16S, on Flickr

                  L1001151 by IronJoeT16S, on Flickr

                  L1001138 by IronJoeT16S, on Flickr
                  '89 Schwarz E30 M3 Cabriolet Build


                    Wow those are some fantastic shots

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