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87' 325 project car - M30turbo

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    On to some progress.

    Finished up the battery mount.

    Decided to take on making my first exhaust with a 120v flux core… I’m using some 325i bits, cats from a Nissan, and dual 2.5” piping out to a dual flowmaster.

    Decided to mod the flowmaster so the tips were closer together. The 2inch gap looked atrocious. Also angled the inputs down to join up the pipes with less of a radius.

    Cleaned up some trim

    The wheels also looked like pure shit up close... so I sacrificed a couple weeks to hand finish them. My fingertips literally bled. But polished lips and painted centers, on a single piece wheel lol.


    Bye pinstripe

    And finally got her some new shoes for her 29th birthday this month.

    So now the car is really well set up and is an absolute riot to drive. The only thing missing is a little power. So as my finances recover I’ll be working on rebuilding the M30 and enjoying the car as she is.

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      Looks like its time for an update.

      So one weekend out in the yard I came across this 735i. Front end damage, busted valve cover, blown up distributor, and cracked cam gear cover... Junk right?

      Oh so wrong.

      Upon inspection, I found stamps on the head and on the freeze plugs, indicating a full top/bottom end rebuild. Score.

      To confirm my suspicions - Pure white exhaust valves, no carbon on the intake vavles, no build up on injectors, signs of hot tanking on the block, and no oil on the plug boots.

      I'm a bit obsessive so I replaced the timing chain tensioners and every single seal and gasket. Plus a good clean and paint.

      Welded and seam sealed new plates for the header downpipe clearance..

      gonna lay down some white in the bay..


        Forgot to update this.. was having way too much fun.

        Lets see..

        Laid the white

        And shoved it all back in there

        Also installed and running fantastic.. Thanks Keith!

        Got a wild hair to make a U.S. spec euro style bumper.. not finished but I think I can clean it up nice.

        And last but certainly not least.. sooon


          This thread delivers the goods. Keep it up
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            sub'd...what a save


              Very awesome, sub'd for turbo fun


                Subscribed. Good job.
                How to remove, install or convert to pop out windows

                Could be better, could be worse.


                  Damn, this is literally everything I wanted to do to my car when I first got it, but never did.


                    Well done!


                      Dude, this is so LEGIT! Keep up the good work my man! And good score on that b35!
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                        Looking good!


                          I think I've never seen such epic awesome work done in 2 pages. Keep it up!
                          '89 325i OBD2 S52 BUILD THREAD


                            I sense this is going to get even better from what's transpired so far! :)


                              Cool thread


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