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'90 325i S52 to S54 '06 Z4M w/ ZF 6 Speed

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      Originally posted by R3Z3N View Post
      Some of the emails or calls I got were just downright rude or trying to convince me it would never sell, so call them when it doesn't hit reserve. I played nice, but deleted their info .
      I hear you, its amazing that people want to tell you all the time how to price your car. I just sold my E38 really sad about it, I put it up fairly high due to the condition and all the work that was done, I had 3 people on that board tell me I was nuts and I should put it up for half that, let them know when I drop my price. I did get a few defenders though. The car sold slightly below asking in less than a week.
      Euro Delivery Thread///E30 Project Klaus


        Posting a car on BaT is an interesting experience. I recently had an E36 M3 listed which did not meet reserve. Lots of positive comments posted but some of the folks who used the "contact seller" button were just lunatics bordering on aggressive, especially as the auction was nearing the end.

        You can't beat the exposure BaT provides but the behind the scenes actions of "potential bidders" was worse than replies to a Craigslist ad. I'm undecided if I would list another car with BaT. The M3 did sell after the auction - above reserve to the first person who looked at it in person.

        Glad everything worked out for you.


          So I hope this thread helps others build and code their S54 swaps, I doubt I will check R3V much if at all anymore, but I will try to keep the hosting for the pictures up so that others can do the same. Good luck R3V and I hope to catch glimpses of even better builds!

          So about a week before the car sold I picked this up so that I have a cheap vehicle that I can abuse for camping with my wife, a 2002 SR5 4x4 4Runner 198K miles:


            Changing from GoDaddy to Amazon AWS for DNS and Hosting, so images may be a couple days to come back. Sorry if anyone is trying to reference this right now. Should be back in 2-3 days. I plan on hosting the files so that others can follow along even though I am gone.

            Fixed, it was easy: Amazon S3 Setting Up a Static Website Using a Custom Domain
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              So I got bored and want to help others just in case the sellers of such items disappear, or you need to troubleshoot:

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