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BMW 325i from Ukraine

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    BMW 325i from Ukraine

    Hi all. I really want to tell the story of my car here, but English is not my first language, so I'll try to do this as good as I can

    I want to start the story of my car from the beginning.
    It was 2013 and I was 22. I didn't know anything about cars but I wanted to know all about them.
    I was quite young and really wanted a car but I had a very limited budget at that time (FYI: The price for E30 in 2013 in Ukraine starts from 2000-2500$ for really crappy and creepy car). And the E30 was and is my dream-car.

    So one day I went to secondhand cars sell park and find some crappy Bmw e30 325i.
    It costed about 2500$ and I got it.

    Would you like to know what I got for this price?

    — BMW e30 325i, august 88 production. Delphin Metallic was its color in 1988 .
    — This car was in a lot of crashes. Front panel was welded from something like trash.
    — The m20b25 Euro engine. Really strange that it started and could work. The whole engine was overheated, 5 and 6 cylinders didn't work at all. 4 liter of oil each 1000 km (600 miles) went into exhaust. This is not the whole list...
    — There was no suspension at all.
    — Half of the body was rusty

    This is not the full list of crap that I bought. But I had a lot of enthusiasm and I wanted to repair this car. I wanted to give this car a second life.

    I think this is just a start of a long story, but it's enough for today. I really hope that this story will be interesting.
    Thanks for reading! I'll continue the story later.

    Hi all. Lets continue the story.
    I did not understand what to do with all of these. First month I just drove the car. The engine was overheated (before me) and 2 or 3 rods knocked. Engine's life was over in a month, 1000 km and 4 liters of new oil. I put it away (some parts I have put to the garage. Maybe one day they will be needed).

    First of all I tried to see what damage was done to the car by previous owner. After 2 days of dismantling I saw a really bad body. Right engine support was bent upwards.

    These photos don't show all the terrible things.

    Engine bay

    Engine bay

    Left Headlight shelf

    Right Headlight shelf

    As you can see, it's a big piece if sh*t.

    Next step was rebuild of all engine bay.
    I didn't have photos of parts that I used but I have photos of complete result!
    All details was fixed and painted! This engine bay was pretty good.

    After this I fixed part of wires inside the car.
    It was very hard to do



    All wires was packed to insulating tape but I haven't photos =(
    I know that this wasn't to accurate, but at that time it was enough for me.

    I'd like to remind you that it was 2013 =)
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      After repairing the engine bay I bought m50b25 engine with 150k miles and put it into E30. This engine had only one problem - cylinder head gasket, that I changed.

      This was low cost solution at that moment. I didn't want to repair the whole car's body because I didn't have enough money for this.

      Set up E36 power steering

      New springs with 60mm lowering and new Brake pads. It was considered a great tuning for me in 2013. I didn't do anything like this before =))

      The car changed mechanically. New engine gave me a lot of emotions.
      Then I bought:
      16" wheels with 205/55 tires
      New stock exhaust - e30 325i
      New fuel pump Bosch
      And many other little things

      The next 2 years the car looked like this

      2015 was a year for grand changes, but this will be in next posts.
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        At the beginning of 2015 I bought new wheels. It was BBS RM R15 from VW golf 2

        They looked awful and were too thin for E30 (6,5j and ET33), so I purchased new polished Stainless lips (from Germany) and rebuilt them.

        There is a new lip

        First wheel completed

        Before and after

        New parameters (front - 8.5j ET7, rear - 9j ET0) were good for car with standard clearance so I changed springs into 15 lowering and set them up =)

        Left car is mine =)

        Next half of the year I didn't do anything with the car. New wheels did a great job for car's style, but bad painting and problems with body had appeared after 2 years... I had to do something with this...
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          In the mid of 2015 I did the final chose to restore this car. Got some money for this and started disassembling the car.

          By the way. I bought used Mtech2 steering wheel. It is from e34 (380mm diameter) but had a good condition and fitted well

          I saw a lot of rusty parts

          This was the battery shelf in the trunk

          I was determined to fix all of these!

          With help of my friend we started to cut off dead parts from front of the car.

          Right rear side panel, tail trim, and part of trunk's floor were cut. There were a lot of rust =)

          Longeron (I hope this is right word =)) ) was not in bad condition and we treated it from the inside with a zinc spray. (We did this with all parts to give a lot of protection)

          We did all metal work ourselves
          Produced part of trunk's floor and battery shelf

          Add another inner wheelhouse (from donor 94 touring e30)

          Unfortunately, I couldn't buy new parts so I used parts from donor car.
          And of course I think that all you can do by yourself is better than anything else.

          To complete this part we needed to remove gasoline lines and fix spring's bearing part (I hope this is a correct name. If no, please correct me =)) )

          The inner wheelhouse was completed =))

          Finally all parts of this side were together

          Unfortunately I couldn't find new side panel, so I did small cheat.

          I hope one day I'll find new side panels, and replace this 'Frankenstein'

          to be continued =)
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            Hi all.
            Let's continue

            After completing the right side I did the same with left. All rusted parts were deleted and replaced by good ones

            It was a really great result for me. But I didn't know back then, how much work it was going to be =)

            New part of the trunk's floor and another parts of trunk were also made

            This little fellow was changed too =)

            We made several attempts to strengthen the rear side members

            And finally completed the trunk


              Wow that is an insane amount of work! Great job!

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                That is really impressive. Holy crap. A body shop tried doing a similar thing to my rallycross car before I owned it, I don't know what the previous owner was thinking. I wish they had been half as talented as you.
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                  If anyone ever says "nah that cant be fixed", this is the thread to look at.

                  well done.


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                      Are there no clean shells around. That just seems like way too much work. IMO

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                        Hi all.

                        After completing the trunk I decided to move the reinforcement frame from the touring to my car.

                        First of all I moved side parts

                        Then I cut off trunk partition and made the reinforced frame for shelf

                        And finally set up main beam to it's place

                        This was a final thing that I wanted to do with the trunk and rear parts of the car! It was completed.

                        But there was a lot of work at the front.... =)


                          Awesome work I like your dedication.


                            There was a lot of changes at the front of the car.

                            We made a new part of front column and wheelhouse.

                            From left:

                            From right:

                            The battery's place is in the trunk so we changed battery shelf at the engine bay.

                            Added a little reinforcement

                            And made double wheelhouse strut



                            Made something like cabrio column


                            Finally all holes were patched up =)

                            And Right:

                            All these parts were made by us. We worked at nights to complete car's body of my dream =)

                            Thanks for reading!


                              не фига се... проэкт ))