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Project rolling wreck - 24v swap

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    The iX booster and master cylinder is now installed. I chose to use the spacer/bracket so the clevis rod did not need to be modified and the pedal position would not change or require a compromise.

    As others have stated prior, this all drops right into place and bolts up using the 4 original holes. I did not need to adjust the clevis position since it matched exactly in length to the original (~120mm from the mounting base to the center of the clevis hole).

    However, there are a few catches I thought I would document to help others in the future. Using the spacer/bracket does create an issue with the vacuum connection point by burying it right up against the LF strut tower. In this position you cannot install a 90deg fitting for the hose without some metal work.

    I knew this would be an issue but I had no idea it was so tight. A lot of the photo's from other folks builds are gone thank to P-bucket so no other choice but to try it out.

    As it turns out it is an easy fix - remove the booster, unbolt the spacer/bracket and rotate it 180deg and bolt it back up to the booster. At this point you can rotate the booster assembly and the vacuum port will be in a much better position. Essentially this places the vacuum connection in the same position as the E32 booster.

    The second minor issue is the fitment of the brake lines. The front line needs just a mild tweak to bolt up, but the rear line is too long to fit cleanly since the iX master rear brake connection point is at a 45deg angle and more forward. The rear line can be bent and made to fit but ultimately I did not like how it looked and bent up a new line to replace it.

    The third issue is the need to run a remote fluid reservoir. Based on my quick measurements, the rubber intake boot will ultimately try to occupy the same space as the original reservoir and would be really tight with an alternate like the E34 525i. My plan is to use a 2002 set-up mounted somewhere on the strut tower - exact location TBD after the engine is installed.

    It will be interesting to see how this all clears the intake manifold - I hope it clears the intake manifold!