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Balleristic's Turbo 318is

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    Balleristic's Turbo 318is

    This thread has been a long time coming… Here’s a bit of backstory on the car.

    This car has been my companion for almost 9 years as of this post, and it holds a seriously special place in my life as well as the lives of my family and friends. My parents very graciously helped me purchase the car at age 15 (before even possessing a learner’s permit) from a BMWCCA driving instructor down in Encinitas, CA. It was a two owner, slicktop, low option(only option was leatherette), bare bones original 318is. We overpaid for it at the time for it considering ($3,800), however, the car has been invaluable since so I have never regretted the purchase price. It was the peppiest, most solid stock E30 we had driven at that point and in a lot of ways ever since. On the drive home (even back in 2009) we received multiple thumbs up from various enthusiast cars and it was on that long drive home from San Diego we realizedthis was THE car.
    Here are a few photos back when I first purchased the car.Please ignore the 15 year old in the mirror trying to be a badass

    Many of you SoCal E30 enthusiasts may remember way back in the day some punk kid showing up to meets in the car with his dad at the wheel considering I had owned the car before I could legally drive it but still wanted to get immersed into the E30 culture. The E30 scene was as strong asever back then and I recall being welcomed graciously into the community.

    Before I could even drive we had replaced the entire front suspension, lowered the car on IE3s and Bilsteins (fun fact I never actually drove the car in stock form), and began making general improvements to increase its reliability. Once I had my license the car was used things like carrying me to school and back, hauling five of my friends to beach trips in Malibu, and being parked outside the local Mcdonalds that I worked at through high school (hence the avatar). One of my first big purchases was the now infamous set of hypersilver TRM C1s that the car still wears today.
    Please enjoy a few shots from that era.

    Fast forward a year or so and the car continued to be my DD and had undergone various transformations as my tastes evolved and time wore on. At this point I had already owned a few other E30s as flip cars, but always knew that this car was the real keeper. I had watched my dad sell his keeper (a vintage racing prepped Datsun 510) and knew I could never let this one go. This was when I began autoxing and tracking the car and really fell in love with driving and motorsports. It was then that I decided that the car would ultimately become an all-out purpose built track car to my specs. However, as it often does, life and a lack of $$ got in the way of plans, and the car basically stayed the same overall for many years continuing to be my DD as I flipped various other E30s and similar period BMWs.

    My dad's 510 back in the day.

    Here are a few shots doing fun racecar things.

    Fast forward to my college years at UCSB in Santa Barbara and the car had its first hiccup in my tenure as an owner. The head cracked,and although it was still driveable and didn’t overheat, I knew it was just a matter of time. So I parked it in the back of my college apartment and the teardown began. It was intended to be a simple head job like you would expect, but ended up turning into a complete engine reseal and timing upgrade/rebuild. I documented my swap to the later E36 M42 timing case in this thread: (’m in the process of fixing all of the pictures in this thread for reference to myself and others (thanks Photobucket!).
    Here's a shot of the motor during reassembly.

    I had prepped the motor for the turbo kit that eventually would be purchased from JakeB on here, not knowing really when I would have the money and second car to let the 318 be down for serious surgery again. FINALLY after years of patience,I put down a deposit for the kit with Jake. As such, this thread will document the turbo install along with various other projects I would like to getfinished before summer when I plan on really using the car again on the track and at autox.
    Here is a very recent photo of the car from a shoot we did after I moved near DTLA.

    Entry #2 will outline more of the specs on the car as I start the turbo prep/build.
    Thanks to all who read! Really looking forward to making progress on this and continuing to document.
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    Turbo M42 Build Thread :Here
    I like the tuna here.
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      Oh man, this is so similar to my 318is. Mine was my first car too (got my license in 2010). I've had a few e30s since then but can't let go of my 318.

      I've been lusting over the JakeB kit ever since he created that original thread. Can't wait to see the progress on your car!

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        Yeah, this one looks like it will be a good one to follow. Subscribed.


          Also sub'd can't wait to see this.
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            Entry #2

            This post is mainly to outline the state of the car before the build kicks off. It’s a long way from stock at this point and I would like document some goals for the build in the next few months. There are many maintenance parts that I won’t include in order to keep things semi concise.
            Stock 180k M42 block
            Rebuilt Late M42 Cylinder head by Shant at Bimmerheads including:
            - Port and polish
            - Lightweight VW lifters
            - 6mm valve stems
            - New valve guides
            - Skim
            - Valve Job
            - Hot Tanked
            All new seals/gaskets on the engine
            ARP Headstuds
            Stock Goetze Headgasket
            COP kit
            Phenolic spacer between lower manifold and head
            Late model m42 timing case (deletes deflector sprocket)
            Timing case full rebuild
            Updated oil pressure relief valve
            Spal Electric fan (clutch fan delete)
            2.5” exhaust from the manifold back into Turbo muffler (cat deleted)

            Stock 180K G240
            Single Mass M40 flywheel
            Stock Clutch
            Tunnel mounted Custom DTM style race shifter
            Dual sheer selector rod
            E21 Transmission Mounts
            New Guibo and CSB
            Medium Case 4.10 LSD (resealed)

            GC coilover kit 450F 650R
            Bilstein sports
            GC camber plates
            Eibach front strut bar
            21mm convertible front sway bar with poly mounting bushings
            M3 sway bar link conversion with adjustable endlinks
            14mm IX/M3 rear sway bar with new endlinks
            IE Rear Shock Mounts
            AKG rear subframe bushings
            AKG rear trailing arm bushings
            Revshift front control arm bushings
            E30 M3 Steering Rack
            Power Steering Delete
            Reinforced front subframe
            Red46 Skid plate
            Autopower bolt-in roll bar

            RX7 Front Caliper conversion
            Generic front pads
            ATE Fluid
            Stainless Steel lines
            Stock rear brakes

            TRM C1 15x8
            Falken Azenis 205/50/15

            Ok so now that we have our baseline, it’s time to lay out a plan.
            Let’s start with the obvious: the engine. I feel confident that the motor is ready for boost, I’ve ran the car very hard at autox since the head rebuild and it’s running stronger than ever. With the ARP studs the modest 8-9 PSI the stock kit produces should be no problem reliability wise.

            Here’s a list of what the kit includes:
            manifold (able to keep AC)
            intercooler with mounts
            charge piping with couplers/clamps
            42lb injectors
            by pass valve

            I added wrinkle black powder coated charge pipes for a semi OEM look, along with a boost gauge.

            I plan on deleting the A/C and all related components as I’ve used it maybe a total of six times in nine years of ownership. Plus, I would like to offset a bit of the weight of the turbo.

            As for the driveline, I plan on using an RHD 7lb Chromoly flywheel. I’ve talked to Rama at RHD and this flywheel paired with a stock M20 Sachs clutch has consistently held 240WHP which should be plenty to get started with.

            Such a beautiful piece!

            I also plan on updating the wheel and tire situation, but that may come later down the line. Still keeping stock sheet metal, but with something a bit more aggressive. :devil:

            That’s all I can think of for now. I plan on updating this post as things come up. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.




              Hey nick where are you getting your car tuning from just got mind retuned On Monday m20 turbo it made 306hp and 304tq at 8.5psi all stock motor

              1-16-18 306hp and 304tq. At 8.5psi new spec 3 clutch
              1-4-17. 238hp and 277tq. At 4.5psi clutch was slipping
              3-12-15. 275hp and 272tq. At 7 psi clutch was slipping

              My tuner live at the track so if don't have anybody just let me know later nick


                Sub'd. Great progress, Nick!
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                  Are you goimg to be running a maf or megasquirt?



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                      Looking forward to this, always nice when cars are long term members of the family!


                        dat datsun do

                        why did he sell it!?
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                          Love this thread already. Can't wait to see the results!
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                            dat datsun do

                            why did he sell it!?
                            Keep up with Socal :hitler:

                            The nerve of these Norcal people.........
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                              Keep up with Socal :hitler:

                              The nerve of these Norcal people.........

                              u mad bro?
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                              -2000 330i Estate, the dad-mobile
                              -2002 MR2 Spyder, the solo-mobile

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