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    this is my first time inside of a manual trans so i'm not sure what all needs to be serviced aside from input shaft, output shaft, and selector shaft seals. also ordering the weird plastic nipple that i can't remember the name of for the clutch fork, i think i see some wear on the fork itself so may as well get a new fork. new pilot bearing... anything else i'm missing?


      now trying to cancel the gripforce order.....

      i was excited to check on the status today and it'd hadn't gone out yet... no big deal there. i was also interested to see if they offer flywheels so i figured i'd call in and ask about flywheels and also when they expect the clutch to ship..

      their 1-888 number goes to some scam hotline about winning a $100 gift card and their local number rings a few times before going to a full voicemail. i called about 10 times and nobody ever answered and i can't leave a message...

      just got off the phone with wells fargo filing a claim on the transaction and they now respond to my email asking me what questions i have about the order. hopefully they'll be reasonable about canceling the order, they also have a TON of 1 star reviews... i don't know how i missed those

      back to the clutch order then


        lol nevermind

        after a ton of unanswered phone calls to gripforce i sent over an email that they responded to within minutes asking what questions i had about my order. i asked them to cancel the order as it hadn't yet been shipped. no response and 90 minutes later, i get a shipping confirmation email. lol i guess we'll give them a shot


          Don’t forget:
          Shifter consol bushings - delrin
          shift knuckle
          Those yellow washers
          Shifter ball bushing
          Rear main
          Stainless clutch hose
          Maybe do the rear outlet on back of the head (gasket)
          Redline 4d atf/ mtl
          Trans bushings
          Shift fork retaining clip

          Can always give spec a call, they seem to figure it out most the time.


            Also the nylon nipples work fine for a street car, brass one may squeak later on.


              on order:

              resurfaced single mass flywheel from r3v member
              - i wanted a lightweight one but i'm not in a position to add $400 to a flywheel order at this point... by the time this shitty clutch goes i'll be ready
              sketchy stage 3 six puck sprung clutch

              from garagistic:
              95a motor and trans mounts
              selector joint
              shifter bushing kit
              poly rear carrier bracket assembly

              almost ordered a purple tag e46 rack today from rack doctor "since the motor is out" but....
              they claim no upfront core charge on the unit yet they're adding $65 core?? i called maybe 10 times today it just rings and rings and rings.. sent an email, waiting to hear back.

              still need to order the full refresh kit for the getrag.. kind of overwhelming piecing everything together (price shopping) on 3 different sites.. i wish someone just sold an all in one kit.

              looks like assembly will be pushed back a bit but i'm very excited to eventually have everything refreshed from the ground up. i figure i can order a z3 shifter down the road which should be able to be installed easily enough from within the cabin. but i want to get at everything that i can with the motor and trans out.

              rackdr has me around $350 for a purple tag with e36 outers despite the "no core" core charge.. hoping for good news tomorrow.


                You can cut the back side of the single mass flush to lighten it up.


                  alright so like an idiot i slacked on ordering the last few parts.. i have a manual trans brace that shows up next week along with some redline MTL and then i SHOULD have everything ready to go.

                  but... this constant nagging in my head tells me since i've gotta cut the firewall to put an e46 (purple tag) rack in i should probably do it while the car is torn apart... but i want to drive it.. but... ugh. i have a week to make up my mind.

                  anyway, bought some super cheap XXR 002's last night with a garbage paint job on top of some garbage plastidip. all came off pretty easily with brake cleaner. i wanted to mount the wheels to the rear to polish them up but oh yeah... the drivetrain... guess that'll have to wait. pretty impressed with these wheels for the price though, they're aggro enough for $300 with usable tires.

                  i'm stoked to polish that lip to a mirror finish and do something to the middle that i haven't yet decided.. not sure if it's worth purchasing new fake plastic rivets for those holes or not.

                  in other news, while waiting for the rest of my parts i've installed the full garagistic set of shifter parts... DSSR, new bushings all around as well as carrier but i forgot to take pics tonight. i emailed them and basically asked what all can i throw at my shifter and ordered that. that being said i didn't order a z3 shifter but i figure that's easy enough to do from the cabin later on down the road.

                  figured i could also save myself a little bit of time and also throw the flywheel and clutch on tonight so i did that too... would've been nice to have an engine stand but i'm not in a position to fully rebuild this thing at this point so i'll do it the hard way haha

                  to do:

                  -trans input, output, and selector seals (i was planning to ignore this but since they shipped it dry i may as well)
                  -figure out if my disconnected driveshafts are REALLY going to fuck me up without having them balanced
                  -polish up wheels
                  -road test

                  oh yes then >;]

                  MS and boost please help my bank account please


                    ok, motor is back in the car

                    time to put everything back together

                    one thing i'm a little puzzled about right now is when i mounted the full DSSR and delrin linkage bits it felt SUPER solid out of the car

                    now that it's in there's some slop... i hope i didn't mess anything up ugh
                    too drunk to tell for tonight, motor is in, hard part is over, tomorrow is coasting downhill


                      Nice progress. :up: Ahhhh been "too drunk" while working on the car too many times.

                      With all the "while I'm in there" parts... this must be adding up. Been there before too. ;)
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                        car is back together after most of today putting on all the bs little parts

                        not ready to drive ugh.. two small details

                        1. starter makes an awful screech noise right after motor catches
                        2. oil leak out of filter housing

                        ...yet another day ahhhhh



                          Usually the bump stops just deteriorate.

                          Get some Genuine BMW hose clamps back in there!


                            car drives great!

                            starter screech is still there but no fluids leaking at all and although i was gentle with clutch engagements i was not so gentle with the throttle pedal and all seems tidy. i'm really enjoying the way the poly motor mounts let the whole frame of the car reflect what the engine is doing, it's almost akin to some old subwooferish technology i remember... some company used to put some device in chairs that was basically a beefed up vibrator/subwoofer that would vibrate low frequencies directly into the chair..... feels the same way and it's great. i was a little apprehensive about some poly mount reviews regarding NVH but... that's why i bought this car. i have a decent comfortable cruising around town car, this is supposed to be raw driving.

                            the clutch engagement is pretty high up and i may have not picked the best time to switch to poly mounts - i feel like i can hear every single thing the transmission is doing. this isn't a problem for me in the long run, i'm just trying to make sure the noises i'm hearing aren't bad ones and now there are so many haha!

                            unfortunately the wheels i bought rub pretty badly in the rear and i'm running out of rear coil adjustment quickly... back on the bottlecaps until i roll out the rear fenders i guess

                            also working on reassembling the interior and adding a keyless entry system i got on amazon for $15

                            megasquirt and boost on the way!


                              Big score at the junkyard today (I think)

                              Project has been on hold as work has been nuts lately but today I went out to my local yard as they had a 330ci in stock

                              Pulled the steering rack off of it and excitedly wiped the grime off of the tag to find that not only is it the purple tag, but it's been remanufactured as well so I assume it's in pretty great shape.

                              Rather than paying rackdoctor $400 for this, I walked out of the junkyard for $45! Probably should've done this while the motor was out but here we are.

                              Sort of curious how I'll be cutting a hole in the firewall with the motor in there but I'll have to make do

                              Purple tag peeking out:

                              Can't wait to get it in! Then I'll feel comfortable driving this car with power because the current rack is toasted and drives like shit


                                Been awhile, a few things have changed. Rack is in, deleted power steering. Feels amaaaazing.

                                Car is now on MS2, took awhile to build the DIY kit and wire it in. I ended up just cannibalizing the connector from the factory ECU to use the factory harness. Considering the rats it had I may eventually pull the factory harness.

                                So after driving it pretty hard for a couple of weeks out of the sheer joy of finally getting MS2 working it turns out that the motor jumped timing a tooth and the thing sounded like a diesel. I ended up pulling the motor back out and decided to also start filming the build moving forward as this is when i've decided to take this build "seriously".

                                Here's episode 0: a quick intro and pulling the motor


                                Plans moving forward from here are to stroke to 2.8, rebuild the head and add a bimmerheads dual pattern cam, and boost the shit out of it! Stay tuned! Btw, feel free to help me out with a subscribe as once i hit 100 subscribers i can enable ads for free car parts ;)
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