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1988 325is Alpineweiss II

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    1988 325is Alpineweiss II

    1988 325is Alpineweiss II w/ 94,476 miles

    Picked this beauty up on my birthday last weekend, it runs and drives however appears to have been sitting for a bit and most likely hasn't been registered for years. The history is a bit weird and holds a clean out of state title, but hopefully that shouldn't be an issue. I don't want to cut any corners with this one, but am going to try to keep the prices down as much as possible so there will be a lot of DIY repairs/fixes for this one I believe.

    Pics from the day I picked it up, towed it home with this "auto transport" from Uhaul. Damn thing was a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be and it hung pretty low. All in all made it back safely with no issues.

    I did not want to drive it much, let alone start it because I have no idea when the timing belt was last done but got it to my carport where I will be doing all my wrenching. It's been raining a lot lately so I decided to remove the front/rear seats, steering wheel, and cluster in efforts to bring them indoors and replace some odds/ends. The seats are in pretty good condition there are just a few rips and cracks. They really need a leather restoration so I will be doing that once I find I kit I like, can anyone tell me if this is Cardinal or Taurusrot?

    That's all the pictures for now, more to update in the next couple of days.
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    If I remember right, in '88 cardinal was the only red interior available. Looks like my interior, too, so I'm betting it's cardinal.
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      Thanks. I did a quick search and it does seem Cardinal was the only red interior offered in 1988. If anyone has a lead on the following let me know.

      - Cardinal upper rear bench leather or full upper rear bench w/ ski pass
      - Cardinal bottom center leather
      - Cardinal upper bolster one left one right


        Looks like a clean example, looking forward to what the future has in store for that car.I thought all IS cars came with basketweaves, but I guess it was an option?

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          Great find and with that mileage....perfect


            Cardinal and alpine. perfect combination.


              looks pretty damn good! I'm not particularly a fan of anything red on cars (other than monochrome red interiors on 70s american cars) but this looks great! Are your plans just to restore?
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                That interior is gorgeous.
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                  Originally posted by schmidty View Post
                  Looks like a clean example, looking forward to what the future has in store for that car.I thought all IS cars came with basketweaves, but I guess it was an option?
                  I thought "is" models came with basketweaves as well, however that was not an issue to me. I really want to do some kind of open five spoke wheel on this one.

                  Originally posted by 325isman View Post
                  Great find and with that mileage....perfect
                  Originally posted by oprahhwinfreyy View Post
                  Cardinal and alpine. perfect combination.
                  The car is definitely one of the cleaner e30's I have had. One or two out of seven e30's I've had that has clean paint. There are a few rust spots I need to examine and address as well as two or three small dings that some PDR could fix, but overall very pleased with the condition.

                  Originally posted by Melon View Post
                  That interior is gorgeous.
                  Thanks! The carpet and door cards are very fresh and minty. I will post some pictures of the seats tonight. I just finished taking all the covers off in preparation to steam the foam and restore/repair and problem areas with the leather.

                  Originally posted by wworm View Post
                  looks pretty damn good! I'm not particularly a fan of anything red on cars (other than monochrome red interiors on 70s american cars) but this looks great! Are your plans just to restore?
                  I don't care much for a bright red, however I'm sucker for a nice deep dark red so I am going to try and treat the leather in a way to give me that appearance.

                  As for my plans I think I am going to go the OEM+ build route. I already have most of the parts for a five speed so that will be in order. I plan to pull the motor and go through all the gaskets and maintenance items, annndd I was throwing the idea around of doing a 2.8 stroker with m52 crank, 130mm eta rods, and these 325i pistons if theyre the correct short skirt model. I need to do a bit more research on that, however it does not seem like too difficult of a motor to build.
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                    My 88 looks more like this one and I could have sworn it was TaurusRot. It's much darker than cardinal. Maybe 30 years will just do that to cardinal red?



                      I’ve looked at pictures of both and I thiinnkk maybe its the sun? I have a feeling people have been calling their tarusrot cardinal and vice versa which cause tons of people posting pictures online and now its impossible to tell based off a simple search. At this point I just want to believe that cardinal was the only red interior in ‘88. Haha


                        That is 100% Cardinal red. It was the only interior offered in 1988, in red.

                        For reference...

                        0162 "Cherry" red (1984 spec)
                        0208 "Taurus" red (1985-1987)
                        0256 "Cardinal" red (1987-1989)
                        0324 "Crimson" red (1990+)
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                          Looks very clean. Nice start.


                            1988 325is Alpineweiss II

                            Good news, went to the DMV and got the registration paid for last Friday for $151! I knew this car hasn't been registered in over 10 years so I was expecting to pay a bit more, I believe the out of state title helped. Aside from that I got a little bit done today, I was mostly focused on looking over the car.

                            Ordered a few things:
                            Fan clutch removal tool
                            Timing belt kit + associated bits
                            Waterpump + gaskets etc
                            Radiator drain plug
                            Thermostat + gasket
                            Diff, tranny, engine oil

                            Did a small assessment of the head/timing stuff on the motor. I was told by the PO that he had done the timing belt, and even though it looks in good condition I'll never really know just by looking at it so I'll be ordering all new parts for peace of mind. Under the valve cover was pretty dirty, nice to see a brand new timing cover gasket though!

                            I'll be sending these injectors to Blake (Bimmer_Baron) for a rebuild as they desperately need it. Four of the pintle caps/o-rings got stuck in the intake when removing the fuel rail, yikes. The two that remained were extremely gunked up and dirty.

                            Some small rust spots from living life outside of California, nothing scary.

                            Someone decided they wanted to use this car to tow something at one point, not sure if this works but it will be getting removed when I have the chance. Also got that sunroof deflector shield of, I hate these things - look at all the dirt trapped under it.

                            It started to pour as I removed the sunroof deflector, so I packed up the tools and went inside after.

                            Got a little steamer yesterday so I will be steaming up the seats over the next couple of weeks until I can find all the cardinal interior bits I need.

                            Pic of the daily as it sits everyday. Once this white car is on the road I plan to have a bit of fun with this one.

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                              OH dang!

                              Not too bad on the rust, seems to be in the usual spots. Looks like a great start. Engine looks pretty good, just clean the injectors and replace the timing belt.

                              How was towing with the U-haul trailer?
                              I'm planning on renting one this summer to take my car to TN. (~1400 miles round trip)
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