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I just bought my first e30!

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    I just bought my first e30!

    Hey eveyone as you can see i am new here, my names philip and i just got my first e30. i will try not to aks to many noob questions.
    After owning one to many vw's (7) I decided to buy something thats not wrong wheel drive. So I was checking out some local auctions, and i found this!
    1989 325i. 5-speed... with only 84k miles!!!
    It has some suspension damage and as you can see i need a fender, and the bumper and rebar are going to get fixed. And of course i will lower it :-D but the car is very clean and i believe a elderly woman onwed it and she took very good care of it.
    Plans are to fix all the damaged stuff, lower it, get some nice 16's.. i was thinkin konig remembers?? and maybe exhaust, and get a intake fo fun. and a lsd when i can find one, and what kind should i get?
    I have one from a 89 convertible auto but i have no idea if it has lsd. and as far as suspension, i cannot afford coilovers now, but what would be some good springs? ireland springs? and what would you guys reccomend for exhaust and intake?
    But for now i just wanna fix it and make sure everything is good to go, and then do some mods.

    now for some pics, sorry for some cell phone pics.

    what you guys think?

    UPDATE: scroll down to see more pics.
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    Good start. Enjoy the ride.

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      Maybe we should help you out with a list of common problems. Get a journal ready.
      I'll start it off with a couple.
      Rotted brake lines. (especially that pain in the ass one going from front to back)
      If you beat on it. Motor mounts will last you 6 months
      Very hard to find vacuum leaks
      And leaky tail light gaskets allowing water into the trunk
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        last thing on the list is exhaust and intakes. these are not volkswagons. go through the list of the common e30 parts to replace and go through it that way. i.e. timing belt, water pump etc. suspension should be all new bushings, control arms, tie rods etc. then focus on what lowering springs etc. there is a method to the madness with these cars. if you do it right the first time and do all the factory parts etc modding later is MUCH easier!!

        i was watching this car on Copart BTW. i just wanted it for the motor.

        and this is my 4000th post. thanks.


          thanks for the info guys. But just for now thats mainly what i want to do. Just fix and replace what ever needs to be done and replace worn/old parts for now.
          And as for the water pump and timing belt. they were done at 72k. so i think its ok for now. Since they only have 12k on them.

          and smonkbmw, did you bid on the car?? haha
          what did you want to use the engine for?
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            nice start, welcome and have fun with her. treat her right and she will do the same.
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              Originally posted by Scarlet_Pimpernel View Post
              and smonkbmw, did you bid on the car?? haha
              what did you want to use the engine for?
              naw i missed the auction on it. i had it on my watch list though. i was gonna put the motor in my ETA.


                how much did you end up paying for it?

                OT, but how do these dealer auctions work. my friend has a license and my brother and I are going to try and get a 325is/318is for cheap


                Originally posted by JamesE30
                And with a car looking like yours I imagine the balance shall tip in the favor of insult, like a big fat fucking retarded fucking black girl on a see-saw, opposite... a dwarf.


                  Aftermarket intake will provide no power gain. If you want a burly intake sound just drill a bunch of holes in the bottom of the filter box.


                    Once you get there, Bilstien sport shocks/struts and H&R Sport or race springs make a nice setup for daily driving. The race are a bit stiff for normal street use (in my opinion) but are very quick and responsive.

                    You have enough ahead of you getting the fender and bumper sorted though. Make sure the mount for that front left strut isn't cracked or warped.

                    Check for rubber rot and pay a lot of attention to those fuel lines. They are not expensive. Have fun with it.

                    These are great cars to drive. Bring it out to PIR for a track day once you have it in good (safe) shape. You'll learn a lot and have a blast.
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                      Thanks everyone for the nice welcome. and not saying lower like all the people on vortex. haha.
                      thanks guys for all the heads up and stuff. As for the strut tower its fine, the only thing that was bent is the tie rod and the lower part of the strut/hub.
                      i wil get some more pics of my progress tommorow hopefully. gotta go to u-pull-it and try to find suspension and a fender.
                      i just cant wait to get it done! i am really excited to drive it.
                      and i think i wll come out this summer to pir for sure.
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                        Originally posted by Scarlet_Pimpernel View Post
                        gotta go to u-pull-it and try to find suspension......
                        ebay is your friend for tie rods, control arms, control arm bushings etc. alway buy this stuff new. if you have to wait another 2 weeks to afford it, who cares? do it the right way the first time.


                          Finished the car....

                          I think it came out nice. i am very happy with the car.I have just decided to keep it all stock since it has plenty of power. :p
                          All i will do later on is lower it on some bilsteins and H&R's.
                          now for some pics:

                          blended the door:

                          Installed some xenon's from a m5


                          its ok,

                          next to my friends chevy

                          and these some how wandered into my garage?

                          lmk what you guys think. i tried my best. but i couldent do all of it with out my dad. He did some of the body work and he painted it.
                          And dont worry, all suspension parts that were bad were replaced with new shiza, except the strut housing and knuckle.

                          some stuff lastnight...

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                            Should have painted the mirrors too. Looks good though.
                            Originally posted by Gruelius
                            and i do not know what bugg brakes are.


                              well i can do it, its not a problem. i was thinkin about it. and also to color match the handles but not sure how that would look.
                              "life's like the hair outta your ass... short and full of shit...":blowup: