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    Car is hot as hell, my only gripe is gull-wing doors.... You see the car, then the doors... All I though was, "really?.... on that car..."

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    Originally posted by DTM190
    "fuck the kangaroo dude, his toilet water swirls the wrong way anyway, plus i never liked crocodile dundee or Steve Irwin and vegemite tastes like shit"


      the side profile looks good to me, but I think the back is a little too rounded, and the front looks a little chunky .
      Originally posted by accident
      I have achieved the title of Douche of the month.
      Originally posted by kronus
      It was probably pissed off because it didn't want to pay taxes for poor people's healthcare.
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        Front end is all bidness. Back end is too much Acura.


          Originally posted by daniel View Post
          its a pretty car, but it screams "i have a tiny penis so i must have a car with a very long front end".
          that is the vibe i get from all of their "supercars." The McLaren was the same way. Id rather have the standard coupe because of the shorter nose. You add on that F1 lookalike nose and its even worse.
          Im now E30less.


            I absolutely love it, but I also wish it had a nice set of round exhaust tips instead of the as of late fad of "blingy" accent tips. i.e. the ISF with it's quad stacks that are strictly for decoration and are not even connected to the pea shooter exhaust tips.


              Front end yes, side profile yes, rear end... meh.
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              Feedback Thread

              Originally posted by Mr. Anderson
     of the most hardcore E30's around. :D


                Originally posted by Ryan Stewart View Post
                that is the vibe i get from all of their "supercars." The McLaren was the same way. Id rather have the standard coupe because of the shorter nose. You add on that F1 lookalike nose and its even worse.
                at first i thought you meant the mclaren f1, but realize you meant the mclaren mercedes SLR. yeah, that car has fallace written all over it also. i know they need to make room for the huge motor, but most of it has to do with trying to have classic styling.



                  i hate it.

                  Originally posted by ROLLingKING
                  i have a bronzit and plan on making it look sweet.
                  Originally posted by slammin.e28
                  Moral of this story?

                  If you drive your e30 on stairs, you're gonna have a bad time.


                    thats awesome

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                      That is a very good looking car to me. Like others have said, the back end isn't the greatest, but I still think it is very appealing.

                      I surely wouldn't mind 563 bhp and 479 ft-lb of torque in a 3500 pound car. 0-60 in 3.8? Fuck yes.

                      'Tis a bit pricey though.


                        Kind of a stupid video, but you can see what it looks like rolling and at many more angles. Also, it sounds wonderful -- not your typical, high-revving screamer super car sound. Looks like gold calipers are an option as well.

                        I love the stubby nose and how wide/low it is.


                          some stats from Automobile magazine.

                          6.2l V8, 563 HP, 479 LB/FT
                          48% front, 52% rear weight distribution
                          2.7 turns lock to lock (sounds like quick ass steering!)
                          mechanical limited slip diff
                          265 19" front wheels, 295 20" rear wheels
                          3,570 pound claimed weight
                          optional carbon-ceramic brakes, standard 6 and 4 pot steel

                          extra HP over the standard 6.2 comes from larger intake plenum, hotter camshafts, "more ambitious" valvetrain, low resistance exhaust, forged pistons, reinforced crankshaft bearings, toughened and reduced friction bore liners, harder crankcase, shorter cooling lines, more efficient lubrication with dry sump oil system

                          Mercedes claims 0-60 in 3.8s and a top speed of 195.

                          yeah, do want.


                            I am a fan of the car for sure, but there is something about the side profilr that I don't like... Not sure if the front end is too vertical, or the bonnet is too long, or if the cabin is too abrupt, something is just off. Otherwise the car is beautiful, and the performance is very impressive.

                            And Bishop, they had to put the gullwing doors on, otherwise it would not be a true throw back to the original. Supposedly they are much more user friendly than the original ones. At least they aren't shitty lambo doors.

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                              Yuck, no thanks. Bottom of the list.

                              YES PLEASE

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                                Do like, everything but the excessively rounded lower rear on the profile. The gull-wings are necassary on this car, with the front end and those doors it just screems to you like the SLs of yore...

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