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    So does it just go right through to the bone or something? Pics aren't pleasant but I'm not gonna lose my lunch over them. The heels one is super fucked up.
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    Originally posted by mbonanni
    I hate modded emtree, I hate modded cawrz, I hate jdm, I hate swag, I hate stanceyolokids, I hate bags (on cars), I hate stuff that is slowz, I hate tires.

    I am a pursit now.


      Not creepy, but I can't stand the sound of Styrofoam rubbing together. Fuckkkk that. Makes my hair stand up and I cringe like a little girl.

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        for the holes in skin people

        thought i'd share.
        this is me btw.
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          dude wtf happened to you
          Originally posted by Fusion
          If a car is the epitome of freedom, than an electric car is house arrest with your wife titty fucking your next door neighbor.
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            this whole thread makes me wanna barf :( uhhhhhhhhh
            -FREEDOM- is cruisin at 80, windows down and listening to the perfect song-thinking "this is it"
            -The Beauty in the Tragedy-
            MECHANIC SMASH!!- (you all know you do it)
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            Originally posted by JinormusJ
            But of course
            E30s are know to be notoriously really really really ridiculously good looking


              Originally posted by Gooch View Post
              Not creepy, but I can't stand the sound of Styrofoam rubbing together. Fuckkkk that. Makes my hair stand up and I cringe like a little girl.
              Oh fuck yes... This and cutting cardboard with a knife in a back and forth motion...

              out dated sig is out dated


                The fuck Devon? Oh dear this thread has turned into the "what makes you vommit" thread lol

                edit, I just saw this and thought it was a lil creepy lol

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                Originally posted by der affe
                first try a finger or 2, you need to have them suck on it first and get it nice and wet to help it slip in.

                if she goes for that, astroglide up your pole, have her lay on her stomach and slip it in slowly and bury it to your balls and leave it there until she relaxes. once she is used to it slam that ass like a screen door.


                  One thing that fucks with me is surfing with onshore wind. It unstettles me, i find my self scared by a 3 footer, even more if i am by myself....
                  Originally posted by kendogg
                  Don't know, but the E90 wasn't designed from the ground-up intending to be a racecar like the E30 was.
                  OG RACECAR


                    had a accident, the skin grafts got infect and some other bs. those pics were from the first week or two after the final

                    anyway, i get creeped out by crickets. i had a lizard when i was real little and had to feed him crickets, well they escaped and haunted my room for a lil bit. now i cringe at them.


                      Originally posted by ainadude View Post
                      Mothers whose passion is sexing up their six and seven-year-old daughters for beauty contests. Sorry, but that shit's messed up.
                      A-fuckin-greed. There is so much wrong there. They didnt have to make TV shows out of it either. wtf

                      The dark, clowns, being alone, dont care about any of that. Maybe being born in the city has something to do with it. Bugs dont bother either, but I do have a real fear of a bug crawling in my ear while im sleeping. Cus they cant crawl back out. And they go crazy and skitter in your ear bashing up your eardrum cus they cant get out. Ive heard of people stabbing themselves in the ear with screwdrivers and such just to make it stop. A nice half-dead insect and a bloody punctured eardrum. Yeah, no.


                        Sharp objects, knives etc pointing at my face. Even if its in a movie it weirds me out



                          And Carrot Top.

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                            hairy asian vag sorry but it makes me cringe. haha the crickets devon thats why you were trying to get out of my garage in a hurry! How weird life and death are very creepy when you really think about it... Mushrooms olives pwilfs gilfs and feces of any and all kinds.
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                              The holes in skin thing creeps me the fuck out too, to the point where if I see a picture of them I have to force myself to think about something's pretty bad. I would probably need to be sedated if something like that happened to me, heavily.


                                the asian movie with the little ghost kid that meows, after an 8th of mushrooms had me spooked
                                Jah bless! :pimp: