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    3rd year of college for a BS in Mechanical Engineering, then more school for MS and Motorsport Masters/PhD if everything works out.

    Even though I haven't graduated yet, it's definitely been a positive part of my life, good job, good people, some good times.

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    I have a BS in Business with a minor in economics. it has positively impacted my life, income, wealth, future, and success. People need to realize something, though. The degree gets you in the door, it's work ethic and drive that will separate the winners from the losers.
    Very true statement- I landed an internship with BMW in Munich starting next year not because my degree but because of my accomplishments thus far in getting said degree. Definitely worth it imo.
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      You made no mention of truck driving academy in your poll.
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        BS in Marketing
        BS in Logistics Management


          b.a. in environmental planning & design (urban planning) w/minors in architecture and african american studies.

          Finished in december '07 (took me an extra semester due to arch minor). Told myself I'd take a year off. That year is just about over, and look; an economic recession. Guess I'll wait a little longer before looking for a job
          Originally posted by blunt
          can you get me a deal on cases of their (fiji) bottled water? i wash my 02 in that shit


            Got one more year before I'll have a bachelors... Kinda interesting, didn't think so many people had a bachelors...


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              oh like Juris Doctor? :giggle:
              umm yeah. or maybe M.D., or Ed.D. . . . .

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                Masters degree in psychology...

                Never figured out what was wrong with me though...


                  I finished high school then went to UTI in Houston and did the diesel tech program. I ended up being a stone mason as it pays better than any diesel fleet tech jobs I could find in Austin, And I get to work outside, And I don't get covered in grease and oil unless I work on the E30. lol

                  As for how the stone mason job as effected my life, Well I am not a fatass anymore, And I have pimped out my house inside and out with mason work. And my chick likes it.

                  Bottom line it was a waste of money till I find the right job(I am constantly looking).


                    I am 3 credit hours away from my associates in aircraft structural maintainence technology. I just need to get off of my ass and sign up for the class. Speech, blech.

                    As far as my tentative degree affecting my career/life? I am in the Air Force, and at my level this is doing nothing for me except looking good on my performance reports and being another feather in my cap.

                    By being in the AF, it is all free to me, so I will finish my degree and most likely go on for a bachelors in mechanical engineering. I joined for a couple of reasons, but one of the ways that I was able to talk myself into it was that I would finish my education.



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                      Honing my social group into one that better fits my overall goals has recently become paramount.
                      There is a point for everyone where you might have to make changes to get where you want to go. You're wise to think about this.
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                        B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Naval Academy. Lots of work and the school sucked, but there's some great people along the way. I'm in primary flight training now and should solo this week. I'm doing well from what I've heard (they don't tell us our scores) and should select community (tailhook, helos, or maritime patrol) in April.

                        To go along with the work ethic/school discussion, my dad went to college in the '70s because all Kansas residents were entitled to go at the time and my dad didn't want to stay on the farm. He graduated a 5 year program in 6 years in architecture, because in small-town Kansas architecture meant building quonset huts out of steel and he figured he was good at it. After working his way up from draftsman to a partner in the firm, he left the firm last December as a result of some disagreements with his partners, and took a significant (40%) paycut to join another firm and develop an office in Northern AZ. He now has $80 million dollars worth of projects at NAU, and (barring any last-minute red flags in the contract) will become the first North American architect for an Australian firm called GHD, with offices spread around the world. It's a long way from the farm he grew up on.

                        Work hard, and build your reputation and maintain it. My Dad had disagreements with his partners about work he did for churches, and would under-charge the churches for the work done. He was (understandably) one of the more prominent ecclesiastical architects in the state but was (also understandably) not well compensated for it. His reputation as someone who was easy to work with, and was more focused on results of the projects than the money, is what allowed him to get to where he's at today.
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                          Originally posted by bimmerman325i View Post
                          3rd year of college for a bs in mechanical engineering


                            Bachelor in Communication w/ specialization in PR

                            Now pursuing a M.A. in American Studies

                            Graduated just about a month ago and have noticed any difference as I am not on the job market yet.

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                              High School Dropout with a GED.

                              thats it


                                masters fine arts