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Pikes Peak Int. Hill Climb Turbo E30 Build

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    Pikes Peak Int. Hill Climb Turbo E30 Build

    UPDATE TIME!!! - New stuff/2018 recap at the end.

    Its been waaaaaaaay too long. Sorry about that! The links to the photos all died and I didn't really feel like fixing them until now...All of them are now fixed...

    For now here is an instagram account for the car incase I fail to update regularly here-

    Some youtube videos

    2018 SUB 10min Run!

    2016 Run

    2016 Qualifying

    2014 Run

    2013 Run

    2012 Run

    2012 Red Flag Run

    Hey everyone! Ive been holding off on this for far too long, so here it goes.

    My name is Tim Hardy, I'm 24 and I had been wanting to do the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for some time. I felt I finally had the money, skills and motivation to do it.

    I was originally going to race a 71 Datsun 240z, but the one I had needed tons of work(Ill post some pics of it later)and after some debate over an e30 or e36 I went with an e30.

    On August 1st 2011 I picked up a 1987 325 for $460 bucks on Craigslist up in Fort Collins.

    Here's How the car sits now(before the 2013 changes)

    I ended up 4th in time attack out of 21 , 30th overall out of 160+ cars and motorcycles. I had to run about half of the course in the rain, and chose to do so on a6's. Ill come back to the 2012 race at the end of the build.

    Some quick specs as it sits now

    Block- m52- 2.8 Stock rods/pistons, o-ringed
    Head - originally from an s50 with 1mm over sized valves/new springs and retainers
    Turbo- Garrett GT35R .82 a/r
    ECU- Megasquirt 2
    Trans- ZF 5speed from a 95 m3
    Diff - 3.73 lsd from an 325is
    Rims/wheels- trmotorsport 15x8's with 225/45/15 Hooiser A6's
    Weight- 2400lbs without driver
    Power- Guessing around 400 to the wheels
    More- MLS Headgasket, arp head/main studs, tial bov, tial mvr wastegate, 3" downpipe, good and tight exhaust manifold, ebay intercooler, ebay 3" intercooler pipes, M/S50 intake manifold, Ground control coilovers, e36 radiatior, homemade fiberglass hood and rear wing, 60lb injectors...

    Now back to the build! (pardon the quality of the pics, most are with my phone)
    First step - Striping!

    ^ Knife glued to the carpet...haha

    found this in the trunk... and Im still not sure what it was.

    security system gone!

    -50lbs for trunk insulation!

    -More for this


    the entire cars harness removed

    Pulled the original engine and cleaned it up to sell.

    Sold the engine for $150, and then the cat converter for $100 i believe.

    Picking up an s50 from boulder

    subframe gone for some love.

    I used a knot wheel and a grinder to get rid of as much of the sealer crap as I could to stitch weld the bay, Unfortunatly its inbetween the metal so it makes welding more challenging.

    Stitch welding in progress

    Went a little crazy on the bay...musta been the knot wheel fumes lol

    One of the first "mods" was the booster. I wanted to save as much as i could from the original car for $ reasons, so i had to notch the holes in the firewall over to clear the intake. well theres not much metal left as you can see in a few pics above so i made this from a scrap piece of 1/8" I believe.

    Subframe/stuff waiting for some love

    reading material
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    Instagram timhardyracing

    Pikes Peak Hill Climb Build

    Second step - Junkyards!

    Well I spent alot of time in the beginning in the local junkyards, trying to save money wherever I could.

    This is a pic of myself(left) and my good buddy pat,who ive know since 3rd grade, was also building a car for pikes peak. We were in the same boat as far as resources and money goes so we went to them often.

    Heres his build thread

    2 dollar k&n, that I ended up using from the yard

    Heres the car that the block came from, I stupidly went after an m50 first not realizing the m52 is what I really wanted.

    [IMG]h 07&_nc_ht=scontent.fapa1-2.fna&oh=cd28fdaad8b3d0a0146523834c24b560&oe=5D98D B8E[/IMG]


    Heres something i had to do to keep the brake rod straight from moving over the booster. Just cut off the original piece and added 1/8 plate and drilled it.

    Didnt end up using any of this stuff, but I guess is it the Bilstein/H&R Sport Suspension Package according to the part numbers pretty cheap at the yard compared to 700 new...

    Lots more stuff came from the junkyard including the short block of my engine, diff and backup stuff. The rest of the junkyard stuff isnt very exciting.
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    Instagram timhardyracing

    Pikes Peak Hill Climb Build


      first to say WELCOME and your video went viral just 2 days ago!


        Pure awesome!

        Project log -- DIRTY 30

        2.7i * Megasquirt tuned * E85 powered


          This is some solid shit right here
          1989 US E30 Cammed S52
          Under Construction: 1983 Euro E28 Cammed LQ9/LS3 Heads/Jakeb E28 LSx Kit


            That is epic! I had goosebumps watching and listening to the video! Nice work

            1991 Alpine S52 318is
            Build Thread:


              Cage Time!

              After doing tons and tons of research, I decided to tackle the cage my self. I decided to go for an FIA style cage and not worry so much about weight and more about my odds of surviving if something were to happen.

              Here's 6 - 22 foot long sticks of 1.75 .095 DOM tube. Quite the squeeze in my garage.

              First thing I did was make it easier to instal the main hoop.
              This is such a hard shape to get to work with where I wanted to put the main hoop.

              So I cut that out In order to make it a bit easier.

              This way I could sit the main hoop in this v and have more area to weld onto which you can see in a few pics down.

              Doing the main hoop first is a big challenge, but a great way to "frame" it up.
              I just did the first two bends and checked the angles/measurments for the next two bends.

              The old man helped with the main hoop, then the rest was up to me :)

              This thing worked wonders, now I need to buy a miller tig!

              Heres the bender, just a jd squared model 3 which did the job with some extra leg work lol.

              I made this "jig" to help figure out the bend for the a pillar bars, as i completely failed on my first attempt and had to cut up the rest for the gussets and such.

              For me this was the most challenging part.

              Floor hole to drop the cage for top welding, I think it was 2 1/2inch.

              Front mounting plates

              I dont have a bandsaw :( My buddy cutting some test stuff.

              ratchet straps come in handy.

              This was what I regret the most in the cage. I should have created a node rather than have the x brace mount higher than the apillar support bar. I still feel its strong just not as strong as a node.

              Roof stuff, Sunroof was stripped. Note - if you take out yours be sure to cut the front edge instead of drilling the spot welds out like you can in the back parts. I bent the front part of the sunroof and it made for more work trying to fix it.

              top x

              I found that using string helped visualize what needs to go where.

              For the dash bar I went under the support for the column but still above the column for rule reasons. Helped create a node up front.

              A pillar supports in

              I borrowed this idea from a racer on here but followed the curve of the tower to lose some area for rules sake.

              Rear stays

              foot protection

              Plates for seat rails

              sill bar with seat rails welded on before installing.

              Keeping it all square

              Some times colorado sucks!

              This is my response to that crap!

              More of colorado, its not always this way but with that heater it wasnt too bad.

              Ill be posting a part two of the cage tomorrow :)
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              Instagram timhardyracing

              Pikes Peak Hill Climb Build


                great job on the cage. what are you using to make notches?





                    my build thread:


                      I have to say, well done. No matter what, you should be proud of yourself. You got to compete in a race that very few have had the privilege of being able to do. And you did pretty damn good.
                      1984 Alpina B6 2.8/1 #35
                      1991 325i MT2 Touring (JDM bro)
                      1991 Racecar (Chase Schmidt's former drift car - M30)
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                          This is exciting to see this build! I got to see you at the race this year but I never found any information on the car. It is a beast of a car!

                          - E30, DSM, Golf R, Mazda 3 Skyactiv


                            This is so cool. Awesome work on the car man, Looks like one hell of a fast machine. Also great driving, I have even more respect now that I know you did that run on A6's, that's just incredible. Hope to see a lot more from you in the future!


                              that was so never wrecking once you hit the rain and were drifting all over. but very well done!
                              Much wow
                              I hate 4 doors