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    Originally posted by ed94r View Post
    I'm not clear here...are you speaking of a spring rate low enough that it allows compression to the point of the shocks being on the their stops? I would think that with the relatively high spring rate, the opposite would be true...the shocks would never see the stops because of the high spring rate. Or, are you speaking of coil bind, where the spring rate goes to infinity?
    The second thing. Lol. Didn't know it was called spring bind. The spring compress a bit, then acts solid.
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      Originally posted by Hellabad View Post
      once per year, preferably before it rains a lot.


      white lithium grease ok?


        Originally posted by BraveUlysses View Post

        white lithium grease ok?

        Its just not good enough.

        We have tried everything in the known world, and much of what has proven best has been recommended to us.

        #1 Best for the slider, recommended by a racer in Texas who works in the oil fields: Lub O Gard MP50.

        #2 Any anti-sieze without copper

        Everything else is equal, but not as good, yet may be found in the enthusiast's home depending on hobbies:

        >Boat trailer wheel bearing grease.

        >Grease for DT Swiss bicycle hub ratchets.

        >Molybdenum trailer hitch lubricant, specifically for fifth wheel.

        >CV joint grease for Jeeps

        >Redline engine assembly lube (temporary)

        Best for the Torrington needle bearings and seals, as recommended by many Midwesterners who work with farm and construction equipment: Lucas Red N tacky.

        Found around the garage:

        >Phil Wood bicycle grease (waterproof)

        >Winter motocross chain lube

        >Any waterproof boat grease
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          Originally posted by Hellabad View Post
          once per year, preferably before it rains a lot.

          Hells yeah. I was going to ping GC on what I need to convert my current E36 street plates from running H&R sports + bilstein to your perch system (+ Konis) and that picture helps out a LOT! (it's been a while since I sold my E30 on GCs) Yeah, and this time I'm aware of the lubing up necessary so can avoid chewing up the needle bearings.

          Now I just need to buy the needle bearings + washers, and maybe the gold cup / what you called the slider (have the purple piece that seats on the top of the spring as well as the bushings for the Koni that go into the camber plate bearing). I'm assuming calling is the easiest way to get pieces like that?


            Originally posted by Hellabad View Post
            the rules require a spring that does NOT coil bind.

            Spec e30 spring does not coil bind:

            HR race spring does coilbind
            Is there a typo in there? Otherwise it seems pretty contradictory.

            FWIW, I've been cleaning the torrington/thrust bearings out once a year and lubing everything up with Mobilgrease 28 without issue.
            I've had zero issues with my GC race plates, despite how old they are.

            I think the biggest problem is when they get installed wrong. I've seen a few "creative installations" so far: upside down strut bushings, so the strut binds on the upper perch (Bilstein and Koni), "Reinforced" RSM's ripping out because someone put the reinforcement plate up through the bottom (Found that one on my old M3)...
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            Originally posted by shameson
            Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30