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    Just a few days ago, Congressman Darrell Issa announced that his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will be launching an investigation into the unelected and unaccountable California Air Resources Board.

    CARB Chairman Mary Nichols has previously refused to attend hearings or answer questions from Congress. If Mary Nichols truly believed her actions were setting such a great example for the rest of the world, one would think she would welcome the opportunity to tell Congress what she is doing.

    Below, please find an article which appeared in the Sacramento Bee's CapitolAlert announcing the investigation.

    Rep. Darrell Issa launches probe of the California Air Resources Board

    The California Air Resources Board is now being investigated by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

    On Wednesday, the committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, sent Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols a 13-page letter advising her that he was "expanding" the committee's ongoing investigation into the establishment of fuel economy standards. Nichols had earlier declined to attend a committee hearing on the subject.

    "Your refusal to subject yourself and your office to congressional scrutiny is emblematic of the core concern that many in Congress share ... that CARB, as a state actor, is unresponsive to congressional concerns and unappreciative of congressional priorities," Issa wrote.

    Issa accompanied his observation with a series of specific questions and document requests, dealing with California's role in the fuel economy standard deliberations. The board has until Nov. 23 to meet the demands.
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    Yep, she's sus.

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        Ugh...politics... It is about time though.

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          Pretty amazing what this organization gets away with.

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