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Getrag G260 Refresh Services SoCal

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    Getrag G260 Refresh Services SoCal

    I am starting to offer Getrag 260/5 refresh/reseal/services.

    These transmissions are 30+ years old, and the “known good $300” transmission are worn, unserviced, and leaking. Avoid this risk with a proper inspection and refresh rather than trashing transmissions.
    Typical problems with G260s:
    Leaking case halves
    Leaking front countershaft seal
    Worn syncros
    Missing shift pins
    Input and Countershaft bearing failure

    I am offering extremely discounted pricing to some initial customers in order to build my reputation with the local community. All work is fully warrantied, bring it back if you’re not happy.
    Some possible service options, and rough pricing:

    Full reseal (exterior seals, case half seal, etc) - $600 ($200 initial pricing for my first few customers)
    Open, inspect - $300, the price goes up after worn parts identified ($200 initial pricing for my first few customers)
    Full """rebuild""" - Inspection, new seals, synchros, bearings, small parts - Starts at $2000 ($1300 initial pricing)
    Fixing broken units when possible - case by case basis

    I do not remove transmissions, just bring me the trans. Local business only, No shipping.
    I will buy good/bad Getrag/ZF cores as well. DM for questions and exact pricing. I am happy to look at other gearbox models, but I specialize in G260s.
    I only want to save some of these great gearboxes. Located in Long Beach, CA. @deutschbilt on IG.

    We're in deep now boys
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    1988 340iL - Track car
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