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Originally Posted by Yayrea View Post
Ive never ran e85 and may have only seen it at a handful of gas stations here in the Sacramento area. Just curious as to why and what are the benefits? I have no experience with it.

E85 has ron rating of 105 to 110 and also has a heat of vaporization of 855 J/g, 280% more than pump gas so it's almost like race gas combined with water/meth injection that you can buy from gas station. Allowing you to run higher compression ratio, higher boost and more ignition timing, giving you lots more power than pump gas. And because of the cooling effect and higher ron rating, it basically doesn't knock what makes boosted engines really reliable. And you can even run stock pistons with high boost levels, because normally even slighest knock destroys those. But because e85 doesn't do that, they hold fine. And you can also run stock compression ratio boosted without problems.
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