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The steering knuckle is so much shorter on the air bag eqqipped e30's compared to the non air bag ones.
Though my steering knucke is in very good condition I was still thinking of replacing it with a new one, could not believe the nearly $ 300.00 price tag at the stealership, will have to call my parts suppliers to see their cost on it

Making the steering column port bigger is a BPITA indeed.

Today I made engine mounts reinforcement plates for my subframe, welded them in, sandblasted, primed and painted the subframe.

Will get some new grade 8 steel bolts and hopefully start test fitting tomorrow.

Here I made the engine mount reinforcement plates, have to re drill the engine mount holes when done.

I welded in the plates and sandblasted the subframe

Primed it

And applied two coats of high temperature enamel paint.

Will hopefully test fit tomorrow.
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