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Why isn't triple scroll a thing?

If twin scroll works better for 4 bangers and 6s, would a theoretical triple scroll 6-3-1 manifold pairing 1to6, 2to5 3to4, triple scroll turbo have any benefits? lol I know triple scroll doesn't exist but perhaps it would be beneficial.
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Why isn't it a thing?
I think mostly because the cylinder count of most turbo cars isn't divisible by 3.
ie. it would work for 3/6/12cyl engines, vs 4/6/8/10/12 for the twin scroll.

Sounds cool, but it sounds very niche market. I imagine there are other reasons as well
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Diminishing returns and complexity of the turbine housing casting.
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No demand, no need. There are quad variants out there but the cost for the smaller hp gain is not worth it from a retail stand point.
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