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M42 head's oil galley's not matching up to block

Im rebuilding an E36 M42. The head on my M42 was cracked, so I got a new one with the machine shop. There are a few M42 heads out there; e30, e36, then we have the M44. Anyways, the part numbers match, but the oil galleys from the head to the block dont match up 100%. Its definitely not an e30 head because it doesnt have dual-springs. There seems to be about 30% off-center from the block and head. Is this okay? Is that how it is?

The head seems to fit on 100% ok minus this.


edit: nevermind, this is a non-issue.

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Agreed. 30% is a non- issue. Plus, you could 'port' it...

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Since those are drains it shouldn't make any difference aside from being easier to plug if you were to neglect your car to the point of sludge
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