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Several PRO3 cars used the rear defroster from a vert for the front defogger instead of the factory housing and what not. But many of have now gone to the grid style laid on the window (like a rear coupe/sedan window).

The race motor in one of our cars has had sparkles in the oil since day 1 (back in 2011). There was a little starvation on some tracks but it was also caused by some of the left over media in the intake and valve cover when my buddy had those bead blasted by an idiot. I told him never have anything that touches the oil bead blasted. Learned that many years ago...

First race of this season our oil pan got demolished by an errant harmonic balancer from a Honda. So while we had the pan pulled anyways, we changed out the bearings, and they looked like yours. Slapped some new ones in and sent it.

But Id also invest in an oil accumulator/Accusump, something as a safeguard Incase the pressure drops.

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Excellent write up. I appreciate you sharing this with us.
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2nd, this is awesome!
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Very exciting update. cant wait to see the backstory more!
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djjerme - That is quite an interesting idea with the hot grid for sure, certainly one I haven't thought of, unfortunately I've already gone full send with this heater box/vent setup so I'll probably stick with it utnless I run into a big complication. I really like having the fresh forced air for hot testing days and figure that setup will do well for both applications for low cost and decently low weight for the combo deal.

Thanks guys! We just took the car to the track and ripped on it all day with almost no problems - main issue was the under tray is slowly starting to fall apart and we might be in for a redo on that part this year.
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