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I like the idea of the M54 swap. It's a more common, non S engine that can be had cheap yet it has performance comparable to the older S50/S52. As for the N52/N54...here's an N motor in an E30 M3 I saw in Jersey.

Looked like a nice fit probably making 500HP+
"I'd probably take the E30 M3 in this case just because I love that little car, and how tanky that inline 6 is." - thecj


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Originally Posted by nando View Post
The electronics aren't an issue at all though. MS43 has had a free EWS delete for at least a year. I developed an MS45 EWS delete last year. It's really not any harder than an M52 swap - and you get a better, lighter engine, a decade newer, and probably lower miles. I can also do the N52, but no E30s have done that one yet (the oil pan remains an issue).
I so want to see a N52 in an e30. Personally I think it would be weird using a drive-by-wire throttle in an old e30, but the power/weight would be awesome. I can see the N52 becoming a popular swap for tired e46s, that is if the prices get low enough for college kids to afford swapping mom's hand-me-down automatic 325i.
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Why would it be strange? S54, S62, and M54 are all DBW and all have been done before. Its not like you can tell (other than the engines making way more power, while also being lighter and more efficient).
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Old 02-22-2017, 08:48 PM   #19
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BTW, I should be testing EWS deletes for MSV80 by the end of the week - MSD80 is basically the same, so that means... N54 swaps are a realistic possibility (without swapping the entire car's electronics over, like I'm sure that M3 had to).

The rest (other than getting it to start) is getting it all setup to run outside the original chassis. It would basically just take one person who doesn't mind being on the bleeding edge to work with me, deleting spurious error codes and working out bugs until it runs like it was the stock motor. I'm like 97% of the way there with the N52 running on MSV70, and it's all really very similar.
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Damn this is intense 😏
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So I ended up bricking my MSV80 - fat finger typo in the hex code, which WinKFP happily flashed. Changed a byte that counts the number of checksum segments from 01 to 40. Oops.

Building files and running checksums manually is slow and error prone, so I've been building custom tools to do that. Putting the finishing touches on it, then i can go back to testing. Should eliminate stupid crap like DME bricks..

Picked up another MSV80 meanwhile, unfortunately it was DOA. Ugh.

Also started on a MAF delete tune for N52s and continuing to tweak the N52 swapped E36 ti. In my "spare" time...
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Old 04-23-2017, 08:56 AM   #22
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It is really cool what you are doing with these computers. I confess I do not know anything about the computers. The mechanical aspects of a swap are simple to me. Making it run is another matter.

N52 is my interest now.

Thoughts on using an older dme and ignoring the valvetronic. Basically consider it a lighter m54?

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Good stuff Nando. Following.

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