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1990 318i Touring (wagon) > coupe <

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    1990 318i Touring (wagon) > coupe <

    Something pretty unique here that I'm looking to send to a good home.

    1990 BMW 318i Touring which was converted into a Coupe in Poland. Think of it as an e30 shooting brake.

    Some basics:

    ~190k miles (converted - euro cluster)
    Coupe Conversion with all metal bodywork from B-pillar back
    5 speed
    iX flares
    138hp M42
    About $10k of recent maintenance (cooling, brakes, shocks, springs, fuel, plugs, belts, new tires, etc.)
    Crack-free dash
    Alpina wheels
    Recaro SRD seats
    M-Tech II 370mm wheel & M illuminated knob
    M Coupe floor mats
    Thule Roof Rack
    Continental BT period-correct radio
    All manual locks / windows / sunroof / no AC

    Located in San Francisco. I don't know if it will pass SMOG. No clue, don't ask.

    Valid US VIN with Illinois title and euro importation paperwork included. What you want to do with it is up to you - would be great with a bigger motor swap, but the M42 is plenty zippy around town and sounds great.


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    was this once owned by Mr. Mulloy?
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        Need pics.
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          Originally posted by rturbo 930 View Post
          Need pics.
          photos are showing - on mobile and on other browsers, no?


            Photos are not showing on my mobile version but are showing when I look on the computer. IDK.

            I imported this car from Poland, there’s a whole story with that. Ivo Christov e28 specialist helped me. It went from Poland on a truck the Netherlands, then shipped out from Bremerhaven, Germany to Charleston, SC. I owned it in Asheville, NC for a couple years and then moved to Richmond, VA.

            About 2 months after I bought it I got a strange package in the mail which turned out to be a Polish car magazine with this car featured!

            I had big plans to basically go through the whole car including S54 swap but then I bought an S54 swapped e30 and this one got put on the back burner and sat unused for a fair bit of time.

            It’s a fun little car and gets lots of looks and comments. Some of you may have seen it at the vintage a couple of years ago.

            It needed some help when I sold it to Asim and I am happy that he has rescued it.

            I hope someone on here will buy it and see it through to completion. The m42 is fine but in my opinion this car deserves some sort of 3.0 or 3.2L straight six.

            I still think it has the potential to be the coolest e30 on the planet but maybe I am biased.

            Happy to share pictures and story on the car to any interested buyers.


              Originally posted by hexagone View Post

              photos are showing - on mobile and on other browsers, no?
              They work in another browser and in incognito mode, but not if I just turn off my adblockers. Go figure. Nice looking car, and certainly different.
              2000 A4 1.8TQ | 1988 325is | 1976 280Z | 1953 CJ3B


                I remember seeing this at The Vintage a few years ago!?

                I was up above it, Now I'm down in it ~ Entropy - A Build thread.


                  I'm not seeing any photos.


                    Has the photo issue been resolved?


                      photos should be showing up?

                      If not, please let me know.