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ix quick ratio steering rack now available!

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    Originally posted by erwendell View Post
    Doesn't the rack then need to be shortened by 29mm on each side? I thought that in order to maintain the designed bump steer and Ackerman characteristics the tie rod inner to outer ball joint center lengths need to be the same as before. Using shorter tie rods to compensate for a longer rack changes both pivot to pivot length and the angle.
    I'm no steering guru so that's why I'm posting the info I could gather on there.
    to hopefully figure this out with a couple of you guys!

    I'll look further into this topic
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      Nice project, good luck.
      AWD > RWD


        Super cool and something I've been wanting in my iX for a while now. Will be following along closely, good luck!


          Originally posted by madman23 View Post
          This is awesome. Definitely some great work!!! Am I right to assume the rack is rebuilt?
          Heard back from Kent today on this topic. "Our racks are resealed where needed, but are not completely remanufactured. They carry a 2 year warranty against leaks." So take that for what it's worth.

          Also the racks are selling for $1400 + shipping (not $1825 as previously mentioned here). You get $200 back if you return a core to them, although shipping likely eats a lot of that up as well, depending on where you're located.


            You forgot the steering linkage if you don't have an airbag car, so that's $1400+$250. Not sure where I got $1825. But it would be $1650+shipping now. Which is probably another $150.
            AWD > RWD


              This is awesome. I've been looking into this for years and never got anywhere. IMO, $1200 is well worth it when considering what a new ix rack must cost now.
              Build thread