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Will e90 seats bolt on to a e30

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    Will e90 seats bolt on to a e30

    Wondering if e90 front seats will bolt on a e30 Any help? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The front rail bolts will bolt up. However the two bolt holes in the rear will need a custom bracket as they are about 2 inches further away toward the rear of the car. In addition to that, the E90 seat has a auto shut down feature. So once the seats are wired, the controls will cease to work after 15 minutes or until the ignition is switched off and back on. If you want the controls to work always, you will need to supply a 5v or TTL signal the the data bus input wires for rx. This will keep it alive.

    Sorry no pics of the mounting brackets for rear. They are just straight brackets to extend the holes 2 inches back.

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