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Gathering Interest - Custom Retro OBC gauges

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    Working on a third microcontroller to try and run it. A Keystudio Arduino Uno copy with the SMD controller with the two extra analog inputs needed for three displays, as the screen itself requires four on its own for the touch functionality. If this works, this will make the gauge much simpler internally and remove the need for any solder on the inside. The board will be modified to accept signals from the backside as well.

    Also working on running a housing from ASA, but having warpage issues. Gonna figure out an enclosure soon after some more PLA prototypes are sorted out.

    Making progress, not quite there yet but close.
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      Great idea, I'm interested for sure!

      Would be fun to have a couple of built in screens that mimic either the 6 button OBC or the european analog clock.

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        I'm also interested in a project like this. Looking forward to see how it progresses!


          Be nice to have something canbus for aftermarket DME's

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            I love the 80's tech feel of it. Sub'd. Definitely interested

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              Love the idea. Landed here because I was noodling on making something like this myself. I've done a couple proof-of-concept displays with Adafruit feathers running CircuitPython and have been pretty happy with the results. All I really want is for the temp to always show. 😆


                Hey guys,

                The first OBC gauge has been shipped out under testing and evaluation and further progress will be evaluated once it has been installed and tested in a car. I am at school and away from my e30, so that's why I cannot test it myself.

                This project will continue with more units being available once the first unit receives a positive evaluation. Price of the first unit is the same as future units, $150 with free shipping including documentation, and some basic configuration of the firmware. Updates will come soon.

                Thanks for your interest everybody!

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