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    Go for it.


      As a totally biased Calypsorot / tan interior vert, buy it. That is mint. I would swap it to 5 speed, but damn that's clean.

      I basically bought the same exact car 5 years ago for $3500, but metal bumper and basket weave wheels.
      Thank god, R3V was getting boring since the ginger kid wrecked his car. - Stonea


        If it's got a working power top, it's a rare find and ell worth the price...again, provided it passes a close up inspection.
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          Sweet ride!

          Figure $1,500 in parts to do the 5-speed swap. Labor at my local shop was 18 hours at $75 an hour $1,350. Not cheap, but it drives like a different car now. Wouldn’t go back to an automatic.
          Jon (OO=[][]=OO)
          1992 325ic white, stock with a 5-speed swap
          Palm Beach County


            Ditto times 1000. Calypso is super rare beautiful and highly desirable for a lot of people. I get buy offers all the time for mine.

            You will not find a better deal in a car like that, with that color. The rest is details
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              Id say go for it. Looks clean from pictures. And in time you could do the 5spd swap if thats what you want


                Only posting this here because mine's a 1991 325 ragtop. 75K, zero rust, factory 5 speed, perfect black leather, perfect dash. BUT the HVAC blower puked. Check HVAC on all 4 speeds. My old one:
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