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Vert hard top roof rack DIY (really fits...)

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    Vert hard top roof rack DIY (really fits...)

    basically I got tired of not being able to carry shit around, so I did something about it... factory hard-top racks are about as rare as unicorn farts so I made a few measurements and found the closest match that would allow modification to fit...

    I went with Yakima due to measurement and cosmetic reasons...

    48" bars (2)

    control towers (4)

    landing pad #4 (4)

    yakima 38" fairing (totally necessary unless you LOVE terrible wind noise)

    and special bolts (from some local nut'n'bolt place)
    M8-1.25X20mm socket head cap screw... (fancy way of saying allen head)

    there is no rack that has bolts this large, this is why we must MAKE it work

    the "landing pads" require some modification. You must enlarge the holes and also elongate (inwards) the mounting holes they are only about 1/8" off so I brought each side inward 1/16" and made the holes big enough for a M8 screw to fit through...

    There ya go! Now we have the most useful E30 ever made... 3 looks for the price of one AND it carries shit in style...
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    well, please allow me to be the first one to comment on your thread. that is f-ing nice! i am going to do exactly this for my ht. good job. that rack is actually nicer than the stock rare one. if nothing else, it will make it easier to lift off the top with a pulley system in your garage.

    can i please ask how much you have invested in the parts?
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      oh my god. fuck yes. you are the man!

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        Normal cost for a regular yakima control tower system... I think it was around $300 total .. sometimes you can find the control towers online uses for super cheap... They are the most expensive part....

        I will pull the landing pad (adapter) off the roof so you can see the modification and special hardware... It's. SUPER easy... After you get all the parts and tools it will yak an hour or so to fit and install...


          That is some seriously cool work you did there!

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            i like how it isn't 20 inches above the roof, or at least it looks lower than regular ones from the pictures.


              very well executed good sir. carry on
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              Originally posted by JinormusJ
              But of course
              E30s are know to be notoriously really really really ridiculously good looking


                Why thank you... I'll post more pics from different angles so you can see height, modifications, and overall sexyness...


                  This will be done on my hard top if i ever have the money for a snowboard rack.
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                    Any more pics?
                    Originally posted by codyep3
                    I hope to Christ you have looks going for you, because you sure as fuck don't have any intelligence.
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                      I'll get some posted tonight or tomorrow...


                        That's pretty F'ing dope!

                        1st useful info on R3v in a long time.. LOL

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                          Great Job! Just what I have been looking for.




                            a few more pictures for your enjoyment...

                            I think I'll be ordering the hardware in stainless in the next few days as mine have started to corrode in less than 2 months in Hawaii's salty air... :-/
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                              a little light painting photography... mixed with flash of course for the model...
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