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    gear tooth sensor

    Hey guys just wanted to share something that worked out really well for me. I switched out my stock bmw VR sensor for the gear tooth hall sensor that diyautotune sells. I think this could be a simple solution for people having a lot of sync loss problems.

    Just so were clear I've had 2 MS2 installs and 1 microsquirt installs that worked fine with the stock VR sensor but there was always some tweaking, adding resistors, changing the gap, buying brand new sensors, etc. My latest MS2 install I just couldn't get the sync loss to stop happening at low rpms.

    Now I'm sure there is a problem somewhere in my setup that was causing the VR signal to be bad but for 1/3 the price of the bmw sensor you can get the hall sensor and it's much less finicky about air gap and noise.

    It's not an exact size fit. I spaced the sensor back 3/4 inch with a plastic shim i cut up and I shaved just a hair off the bracket that holds the sensor to help center it up on the toothed wheel. It's been a month and so far I've had no problems. Considering the amount of people who have sync problems and the fact that its cheaper than the stock VR sensor I think it might be the way to go. Most people will have less trouble making a spacer for it than messing with the electrical signals from the VR sensor.
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    Have you ever tried a VR to Hall effect converter? I just ordered this ( to use with my megasquirt to get wheel speed in (speedometer) being that I am not using my stock gauge cluster. I am considering using this for crank and cam (I have an m52) sensors but am slightly worried since that really is a critical tuning part, especially since mine is boosted.


      That little box does essentially the same thing as the VR signal conditioner circuit in MS. Having a separate box between the MS and the sensor seems like a bit of a hack job, if you're very concerned about having issues with the VR signal, you'd be better off doing what OP did and retrofitting hall effect sensors than putting two separate modules in the wiring. For my M42 MS build I used the zeal engineering daughterboard which has dual VR signal conditioners, and it worked flawlessly. The M42 has a similar cam and crank position sensor setup to an M52.

      Some people do have issues with the VR signal, some people don't. I never had any trouble with VR signals in M42 and M20, mine worked from day one, but I'm significantly more experienced with MS than average and had engines that were known to run before being megasquirted.
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