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Power Squeeze, What can the M20 really do?

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    Originally posted by Nader393 View Post
    Oh, man, I didn’t realize the thread was this old. Your results are impressive, and encouraging. What do you suggest for tuning software, since I’m in the process of building an engine right now?
    Those two cars in that link were running on two different management systems (stock m1.3 and MS1 v3, single coil). I tuned them both the same day on the same dyno back to back.

    If you have someone that can map the stock ecu, go for it, it's already there.
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      Originally posted by digger View Post

      depends, a stock capacity m20b25 with stock intake, stock CR and 28x ish cam would be a dog on the street especially with motronic

      However a 2.8L+ with appropriate CR, RHD ITB, standalone ECU, 284 cam, appropriate exhaust would drive smoothly on the street with nice wide torque band.
      A friend's e30 runs a ported m20b25 on tuned motronic with a Schrick 288. Runs fine on the street. Motronic is plenty capable if it's tuned well.
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        Originally posted by ForcedFirebird View Post

        I have built a bunch of budget strokers in the years since this thread was posted (2.7 crank/rods, 2.5 pistons) and they put down 180whp with stock cams...

        This car is a local daily driver, 200+whp, 200+wtq, 272°, ITB...

        Remote tuned a r3v member's 11.5:1 2.9l, 284°, made 215/212, another member's 10.5:1 3.0l, 284°, made 218, etc etc.

        It's old thinking that the m20 cannot make good power. I even have a customer with a stock mani/tb making over 200whp, and it's not even stroked.

        I used to have an m30b35 powered convertible and really enjoyed the low end torque. Once I got into my m20 car, I really noticed how heavy/slow the m30 was to rev. It had such a different driving characteristic.

        How would a 200+ hp/tq m20 feel compared to the feel of the m30? The max power numbers are about the same, so would I feel the grunt while getting a more rpm-responsive engine?
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