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Interest in a studded valve cover bolt kit?

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    Originally posted by Nick_S View Post
    I just helicoiled all of mine but I'm interested. How many monies you want?
    I'm looking at ~$35 for the kit. I'm trying to get everything from one supplier to keep the costs down :)

    Originally posted by Threehz View Post
    You should talk to Ryan (kalib0y) about setting this up and maybe doing some interesting finishes/color choices on the hardware.
    Unfortunately there aren't many options for M6 finishes, I'm looking into it though.

    Originally posted by Balleristic31 View Post
    Would these still work if some our holes are already a little stripped? Or do we need to helicoil then stud?
    Mine stripped due to the fact that the OEM bolt wasn't long enough to thread more, however, you can choose to thread the stud into your motor since it will be longer than the OEM bolt, or you can helicoil it.

    Mine were stripped by the OEM bolt, and I simply threaded the new stud into it. Holds and grips fine.

    Would anyone be concerned about not running a rubber grommet?
    Reason being, Buttchugz and I don't run a rubber grommet, but just the washer. Never had an oil leak spring up simply because of the way the valve cover gasket is designed.
    If anyone wishes to run the rubber grommets however, you can pull them off your existing OEM bolts.
    It'll also keep the cost down too :)

    I'm placing an order for these fasteners today so I should have a kit going by next week.
    Originally posted by TSI
    ♫ Rust flecks are falling on my head...♫


      im also down for a set


        lolcantturn, selling a kit as shown in the original picture isn't a super hot plan. You really need to retain the rubber grommet thingies that were on the original bolts or thermal cycling will inevitably tear out the threads around the studs. Yeah you can heli-coil them, but those could eventually fatigue the aluminum around them and rip out.

        Here's a freebie for you...the kit should work like this or you will have pissed customers in a year or two. I wouldn't count on the valve cover gasket's compliance to be enough on its own. The rubber grommets come off of the stock bolts with some soapy water and a little tugging (insert joke here).

        Getting black-oxide washers and nuts would look pretty clean since most people paint the cover black. You might be able to find some black studs too (insert joke #2).


          ive been running my own stud kit for over a year and a half and none of my studs or threads have been torn out of the cylinder head from heat cycling. torque at 10lb ft

          you dont need the rubber grommit

          Turbo M42 Build Thread :Here
          I like the tuna here.
          Originally posted by lambo
          Buttchug. The official poster child of r3v.


            As stated, you can use your own rubber grommets from your OEM bolts. These aren't necessarily a "wear" item. Not including them in the kit also reduces the costs.

            Black Oxide nuts are real expensive however, I'm trying to find a supplier for those.

            If there is TRUE interest in Black Oxide nuts, I can produce a different kit for it, but the price will go up significantly..~$65-70 compared to the estimated ~$30-$40 with a regular finish. It would include black oxide studs and flange nuts and would look quite pretty however ;)
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            Originally posted by TSI
            ♫ Rust flecks are falling on my head...♫


              in for pricing