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motor mount - arms too narrow.

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    Originally posted by E30SPDFRK View Post
    Just wanted to update this thread, I just ordered a pair of M42 mounts from BMW, and they showed up oriented correctly.

    Manufacturer is Freudenberg, manufacture date is 2/16, so I assume they found some old stock from before the defected ones.
    I need new motor mounts, how were the MTCs holding up? I hate to spring for the OE ones and have them be the wrong ones, so if the MTC ones are cheaper I'll just get those prior to ordering the OE ones so at least I have something I can drive with if the OE ones I receive turn out to be the incorrect ones. Where did you get the MTCs? is there a different part # for those?
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    Originally posted by RickSloan
    so if you didnt get it like that did you glue fuzzy oil to the entire thing?


      OEM isn't that expensive, retail is $113.81 each, you can probably get them cheaper online somewhere. They're super smooth too, I can barely feel the m42 idling. I put MTC on my e34 (similar style mount to the m42) and they vibrate like crazy, almost like a soft poly mount. The MTC are only about $30 cheaper than the OEM, it's worth it to spring for the factory stuff.


        I installed new genuine BMW E30 M42 mounts too and I didn't have any alignment issues.
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