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    Originally posted by SA E30 View Post
    What did you to do to make the locking nut work? The 5 lug hub, no matter which one , is deeper than the 4 hole hub.

    What I did when I did this was machine the thick washer from the locking nut, and turn a new sleeve extension with washer that slid on from the front. This was thin enough to allow the nut to lock.

    I still have the strut setup, which I'm adapting my AP racing Bbk to work with. New bells and caliper brackets are being made up.

    I did turn down the back of the nut slightly but not as much as you obviously did. Without modifying the nut at all it is just barely too much and if you punch the little retainer down into the groove you can get it to catch.

    I know others have made a custom nut but I did not want to add the hassle of doing that.