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    ABS wiring help

    Sup guys

    I'm in the process of M62 swapping my 1989 325i e30. I relocated my ABS to the battery area, and the wiring for the ABS was too short to reach over. No big deal, went to the junkyard and cut off a loom for the ABS to extend it.
    I spliced the wiring loom and totally forgot there are 2 red 12V wires exactly the same and did not label them.
    Does anyone know how I could figure out which goes where?

    Or perhaps are they the same and do not matter? I highly doubt it but... any help is very much appreciated

    These are the relevant pages from the ETM. The only 2 identical red wires I see are the 0.75mm LF wheel speed sensor wires, easy to verify. The sensor is a VR type, and in this application I don't believe polarity matters since there is no missing tooth involved, but I could be wrong. Don't wrap everything up until you test the ABS.
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      would be in depending on tip slant and tube size