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Do I need a new steering shaft? Z3 Rack install trouble.

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    Do I need a new steering shaft? Z3 Rack install trouble.

    Alright, so I have a 1991 bmw 325i sedan with airbags. I decided my front end needs a refresh before I put in a bigger engine. I ended up getting a bigger sway bar, poly steering flex disc, z3 rack w/spacers, control arms, tie rods, and a subframe reinforcement kit. The whole shebang. Now onto the z3 rack issues Iím having. Hereís some context with as much detail as I can manage.

    I put in the entire subframe in as a single unit. It has the rack and the control arms all together. Initially I installed everything with the knuckle hammered onto the rack splines with the idea that I could line it up with the column hanging out of the firewall (that I already trimmed for clearance.) I was having too many issues getting the splines on far enough to where I couldnít mount the subframe. So then I decided to hammer the knuckle onto the column and align it when I had the subframe bolted in place. So thatís where Iím at right now. Subframe is bolted in with the rack attached. BUT now Iím having the issue to where the knuckle wonít attach on both ends?

    I thought at first maybe I hammered the knuckle too far onto the column splines, so I tried tapping it loose until it would come into contact with the z3 rack, but it fell to the floor before it even reached the rack splines. My thinking is that maybe I hammered the knuckle onto my column too hard and messed up something with the steering shaft in the cabin?

    Iím having up/down play in my steering wheel now. No left/right play or forward/back. Just up/down. Also if I spin the wheel quickly it doesnít look even. It looks like it kinda ďwobblesĒ up/down or something. Like as if my steering wheel was an oval instead of a perfect circle.

    Anyway, I can supply an image of the knuckle in the bay if needed. It just isn't long enough to connect to either end now.
    So do I need a new steering column? Could I have bent it or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

    Did you modify your shaft knuckle?
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      You need to extend the steering shaft a bit. The steering shaft is collapsible within the cabin, there is a big nut on it under the dash that you have to loosen to adjust the shaft's length. The stock steering u-joint fits on the Z3 rack as the splines are the same just in a different position, though it requires some persuasion.
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