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    Originally posted by Badabing86 View Post
    Ok forgive me if I sound completely lots but just trying to get an understanding of bore offset and what not for the E30. I am wanting to run a 17 inch wheel on an '88 325 . I understand the bolt pattern is 4X100. But where I am confused is the bore hub. Here take these wheels

    Would these wheels need spacers in order to fit?
    or these ?
    The first setup could work with spacers and hubcentric rings. But then you're spending $200+ to get them on. The second set doesn't work.


      Originally posted by JuZap_240 View Post
      Ok then with those tires will they fit on the car?? Or will I run into any problems....guards are going to get rolled
      They'll fit perfect with rolled rears and the sizes I listed.


        Originally posted by Reub_e30 View Post
        Needs camber ^^^

        Guys what spacer will I need to get a semiflush fit with 225/45/16 dunlop starspecs 16x7 +42


          Originally posted by Shaun K View Post
          A friend of mine is looking to sell his Work CR-01's. Any chance these will fit an '89 with GC/Koni coilovers, and if so what tire sizes am I looking at?

          15x8 +10
          15x9 +20
          Sweet offsets. I'd go 205/50 front 225/45 rear.


            Originally posted by potatomash View Post
            Hey guys

            Just got these volk 17x8 17x9's for the e30. Offset is 36 so will be getting spacers, but what is the biggest size tyre i can fit with serious guard rolling and what kinda offset would allow that. I need grip so was hoping 235/40 in the back and 215 or 225 in the front if poss!

            12mm front spacers with 215/40s. 5mm rear spacers with 235/40 or 245/35. Done!


              Originally posted by sonomabimmers View Post
              i did more searching on your thread specifically and i think these wheels are not for me with the conditions i just described huh? my next question is if i went with this set up how much would i need to roll my fenders thank you.
              It's on the aggressive side, yes. With a flat rear roll, 18mm adapters, and 205/45 tires it is workable though.

              P.S. did you buy that car from a R3V member? I remember a guy named Aaron in CA with an identical super clean cabrio on here about a decade ago.


                Originally posted by marek|steezkal View Post
                Soooo my buddy will be upgrading his wheels/tires on his 330ci so I may be able to buy his style 72's for a good price.

                I doubt anyone has run these since they are a staggered setup F: 18x8 et47 R: 18x8.5 et50 72.6 CB.

                Any chance these could fit with 18 or 20mm adapters and additional spacers and fender roll? They just looked so good when we rolled the wheels up next to the E30, I had to ask.

                I love those wheels. I put a set on my old Dakar E36 M3 years ago. The offsets are perfect for adapters, I'd go 25mm all around with 215/35 front and 225/35 rear tires.


                  Originally posted by alas View Post
                  Probably has been covered but:

                  Would (E38 Style 5's) 16x8 ET20 + 18mm adapters run fine on Bilstien B8's + H&R springs?

                  205's or 215's?

                  How will the wider track up front alter the steering feel?
                  Doesn't work. You need to start with a higher wheel offset to use adapters without rubbing.


                    Originally posted by McWattersJ View Post
                    Hey I am looking at 15" 8.5 with et17.. I believe the bore is 73.1.

                    i was thinking 215-225/50's on my early model Vert with stock suspension. I like the poke look so if possible I would push them out more.

                    Yes I am a newb. Any thoughts? advice?

                    Those are nice without spacers, just get 57mm hubcentric rings for them. You will be limited to 205/50 tires, they will be flush as-is.


                      Originally posted by Mystikal View Post
                      12mm front spacers with 215/40s. 5mm rear spacers with 235/40 or 245/35. Done!
                      I have 30mm upfront to clear my brakes so my offsets are going to be +6 front and +8 rear. Will I get away with 215 and 235 40s with serious guard rolling and prob a bit of front camber

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                        From browsing through this thread, it would seem I have 3 tire size choices. I'm just not sure which one would work the best. Car is a 1992 vert lowered on Ground Control Coilovers with offset CABs. Wheels I want to eventually fix and put on are 16x7.5 ET25 all around (Racing Dynamics RGP's). From what I have read, 205/50, 215/45, or 225/45 should fit. I just wasn't sure if I would have rubbing issues with any of these tire sizes since the car is lower than stock.

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                          what will it take to fit these - front 16x7 et55 rear 16x8 et52

                          stock ride hight early model e30 - what would it take and is it feasible ? if so a tire size would be helpful as well - thanks in advance
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                            lets see if i get this right - my guess is for the front (where 55et) that i would need 35 mm spacers ? is this correct ?


                              im thinkin i would need 35 mm spacers for front ?

                              how far off am i ?


                                Style 5 Fitment

                                I have a 87 325is. I have H&R Racesprings. I just bought 20mm 5 lug adapters as well as a set of style 5s with no tires.. What size tire can I run, this car is my daily so the last thing I want is for it to rub and I really do NOT want to have tiny STANCE tires lol.