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540/6 daily driver project

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    540/6 daily driver project

    I just traded my 1994 S52 swapped e36 325is for my first e34.
    It's a 1995 540i 6 speed manual with about 220k on it. The body is in pretty rough shape but I plan to paint it next year.

    It came with M5 seats with a tear in the drivers side bolster.
    The ignition tumbler has been removed and replaced with a makeshift power switch and push to start button. The only thing keeping someone from stealing this car is the EWS key that has to be in the ignition for the car to start.
    I'll post more updates as I fix the car up.

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    Looks great- I love following your projects. Stoked to see where you take this one!
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      Nice! that's a good starting point, 6speed 540i with m-pars and sport seats!

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        Start a build thread in the Prjoects Forum! That's where mine is. Looking forward to it!
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