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    Originally posted by flyboyx View Post
    eh, there are shit loads of 750i's for sale and in junk yards. parts are easy to come by. the engines have problems with throttle bodies. usually you can clean them up with carb and choke cleaner. otherwise, they are pretty much like taking care of 2 m20's at the same time.
    That's kinda what I'd been thinking, how bad could it be?

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    Originally posted by roguetoaster
    Be sure to remind them that the M42 is one of the best engines ever made, but be sure to not mention where it actually falls on that list.


      This e30 looks super cool =)


      I'm selling my project car of the last several years as I have started another project.

      The car started as a 1986 BMW 325 (M20B27 with Getrag 260 5 speed) with under 100K miles. It underwent a complete restoration during which the following was completed:

      -Complete high quality re-paint (2 stage) with original Alpine White color

      -Complete suspension re-build with oem parts or better (control arms, bushings, tie rod ends, shocks, sway bar bushings, exct)

      -Complete brake system rebuild (all pads, rotors, and complete parking brake assembly)

      -Complete tune up (Bosh plugs, wires, cap, rotor, oil, transmission oil changed)

      -Both rear wheel bearings replaced

      -Cracked dash replaced with excellent condition dash

      -Custom one piece microsuede headliner

      -New automotive carpet (including trunk)

      -New Kenwood stereo and 4 new Kenwood speakers

      -Five new Falken tires

      -Bottlecaps rims replaced with original BMW BBS Basketweaves (including spare)

      The car also has the following preformance and safety enhancing modifications:

      -Lowered 2" with lowering springs

      -6 Point Roll Cage professionally built and istalled (also braces rear strut towers)

      -Front strut tower brace

      -E36 leather seats installed on custom mounts and 4 point Schroth Harnesses

      -Computer reprogrammed via 'chip' adding 23 hp and 24 ft/lbs

      -Rear seat removed and covered.

      -Zex / Nitrous Express nitrous oxide system installed including blow off saftey aparatus, custom intake piping and custom tank mount

      -ABS delete, power steering delete, and heater core bypass

      -Sunroof deleted with custom carbon fiber panel (non-opening) saves 40 lbs

      -Differential changed to 4.10 rear gear (includes new pinion bearing)

      -Custom exhaust with oxygen sensor to Mag stainless muffler (no catalytic converter)

      The car is fast (for a 30 year old six cylinder) fun, and gets lots of looks and positive comments. Its a blast to drive around town and would be fun on a track or at autocross. It looks like basically stock from the outside and the interior is very tastefull.

      Price is fairly firm, but I would consider serious offers and interesting trades on a case by case basis. I also have some spare parts and such that I may include if someone wanted. Anyone who has built a car like this understands that I have spent far more than the asking price, but thats why its called a 'project'. Also, the base car is 30 years old, the description is as accurate as I can make it, but no warranties, again, why it's called a 'project'.

      It is available to come look at in the St. Petersburg Florida area. Just contact me. I have also included some 'build pictures'. I have well over 100 picutres so if you would like to see something that is not shown please ask. Only continental US bidders please and shipping would of course be at your cost. I can help facilitate this if you are an out of the area bidder. Feel free to ask any questions and thank you for looking.


        Came across this today. Pretty awesome car. Haven't seen many of these around. The add is crappy but the pictures are nice to look at.


          Originally posted by Luke Girard View Post
          I don't see what is so great about this car, that it is worth $8500. No heat, no abs, no interior. Cheap replacement carpet, E36 seats and a chip. It says it was repainted but the picture doesn't look like it. I typically see cars like this on craiglist for half this price or less on a daily basis.
          How to remove, install or convert to pop out windows

          Could be better, could be worse.



            Special indeed.


              Originally posted by theevildoodlebob View Post

              Woah, sounds special. I ma email him for more pics. I wanna see this engine.


                I have asked about it too. Heheh.
                ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34



                  I have owned and been rebuilding this car for a few years now. I have paper work for everything that has been done to the car including S14 engine rebuild with all the specs and tolerances as well as every part replaced with receipts.
                  I am selling to pay off my second house and I don't drive the car plus it will help fund the M4.

                  The quick run down of the car.
                  BMW M REGISTRY
                  NAME Joseph Miller

                  MODEL E30 M3

                  MODEL CODE AK03

                  VIN WBSAK0307K2198117

                  PRODUCTION DATE August 1988

                  COUNTRY OF ORIGINAL SPECIFICATION United States

                  EXTERIOR COLOR (PAINT CODE) Cinnabar Red (138)

                  INTERIOR COLOR (UPHOLSTERY CODE) Natur leather (0295)

                  FACTORY/OEM OPTIONS
                  BMW Remote Locking With Alarm
                  317,xxx miles
                  S14 rebuild apx 8k ago
                  Transmission replaced when engine was rebuilt

                  New OEM carpet was installed last weekend
                  SRD seats with MTech Tri stripe installed last weekend
                  EVO III Rep Belts installed last weekedn
                  Exterior Painted OEM color 50 miles ago
                  EVO II Front Spoiler
                  EVO III Rear Spoiler
                  S14. rep EVO 3 front splitter
                  Motorsport Handles
                  New Sun roof gasket
                  New front glass
                  EVO III Hood and bumper seals
                  M3 Black with red Piping Floor Mats and trunk mat
                  Mtech 2 Steering wheels
                  Tri Stich Leather Shift and Ebrake Boots.

                  IGO SS91 Chip
                  Performance exhaust (cant remember the brand but its a brand name) DTM Tips
                  Z3 Short Shifter

                  Z3 Rack conversion from Zionsville
                  All bushings and suspension replaced (except RTABs, I couldn't get those damn things out)
                  New bilstien struts
                  HR lowering springs

                  Maint (all last 3000 miles)
                  I have replaced engine oil always with Royal Purple
                  Tranny and diff were flushed with Redline products
                  Spark Plugs were replaced
                  S.I board completely reflowed by George Graves

                  E30 Specific things
                  Two front fender vins are missing because the body guy scrapped them off instead of taping them Nothing to hide just want to be honest about them. all others are in place
                  No rust anywhere was found when the car was stripped and sanded for paint, and when I pulled the carpet out, you can see pics in the photo bucket album
                  Crack free dash

                  There are tons and tons of things I have not listed that have been replaced, I just hit the high points on the car, You will be hard pressed finding another one in this condition for sale right now.

                  Problems that still need addressed..
                  1. C pillars are peeling
                  2. Small spot on headliner coming loose 3" or so
                  3. Very Slow leak (1-2 drops a month from Tranny) have not had time to check it out yet
                  4. A/C belt is disconnected right now. It was that way when I bought it. I got a new belt and hooked it up but the bushings were shot. I got the new bushings in just need to get in there and fix it.
                  5. No front undertray, I planned on eventually buying EVO III so I did not worry about it.
                  6. Rear trunk plastics cracked
                  7. Tool kit incomplete
                  8. Cruise control is not working I have a working used complete system to install
                  9.ABS not functioning correctly needs new wheel speed sensors I believe.


                    317,000 miles. damn. those seats look absolutely f'ing like shit. he should have fired his upholsterer. i have to say they look like cheap replicas.

                    also, replica evo seat belts? where did those come from? china? geez. i wouldn't trust my life to that crap.
                    Gigitty Gigitty!!!!

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                    87 e30 m3 for parts lachsilber/cardinal(serial number 7)
                    12 135i M sport cabrio grey/black


                      pfft, I wouldn't DD that POS

                      worth 7500 TOPS
                      If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna cost ya!


                        Woah, sit down for this fixer upper.


                        2-owner classic - needs transmission rebuild. For classic BMW enthusiast/DIY'r.... Great Parts car or if you do own tranny rebuild, the rest is sound. The first $375 takes it!!

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1422175162.596516.jpg
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                          Stand up for this one I guess....?


                          88 528e ran perfect right into the tree,lol
                          car needs bodywork and is not driveable at this time.
                          this is the last year for the 528e and is a solid car(its just the tree was more solid lol)

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1422175607.906981.jpg
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                            No keys..... Or taste.


                            Click image for larger version

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                              Originally posted by Navarone View Post
                              Woah, sit down for this fixer upper.


                              2-owner classic - needs transmission rebuild. For classic BMW enthusiast/DIY'r.... Great Parts car or if you do own tranny rebuild, the rest is sound. The first $375 takes it!!


                              Too good to be true.-scam???? If not... steal of a price!!!!!!!
                              ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


                                Click image for larger version

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