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    Originally posted by Aleman View Post
    Real deal? Or reproduction? It certainly looks the beans.

    BMW 1985 323i euro hartge h-26 price drop:) - $17,000

    Up for sale is my very rare e30 hartge h-26 conversion car. This car was converted into a hartge h26 in the mid 80's by Kohl Automotive in German and then brought to the US as a grey-market car. During this time this was the way Hartge made their cars. Kohl had the license to build the hartge cars. If you are not familiar with the h-26, just do a simple search on Google and you will find tons of information.
    The car is very rare; could even say it is one of one; since the original owner decided what hartge parts they wanted and had Kohl build their car.
    This car has most if not all of the hartge parts that would have been on the car back in 1985. I read the information I had from the seller which was in German, bought and placed all of the parts back on the car. I can go into detail with any buyer that is serious.
    The car has had extensive work done, but is still in need of a full restoration or you can just drive it the way it is.
    The paint has the typical clear coat problems that most cars from the 80's have. but it does look nice.
    I had the timing belt done when I first bought the car about 3 years ago and a major tune-up and cleaning was done.
    This car would be similar to an Alpina b6 for those of you who know your e30s.
    If you are at all familiar with the e30 m3, alpina, and other 'tuner' cars you will understand the price on this car.
    I can give details to serious buyers by phone or e-mail, but if you just want to 'check it out' and don't plan on making a serious offer, please save us both the time and don't respond....not trying to be unfriendly, just don't have much time this summer.
    Please do not get this car mixed up with a USA e30 that has a few Hartge parts on it:), this car is a real conversion car and as mentioned above super rare. I doubt if there is another e30 like it in the USA.
    If you have questions, please e-mail me and I will get right back to you. I am just 'testing' the waters. If I can't get what I need from the car, I will just keep it for now.
    No trades unless you have a project e30 m3, or alpina of any type.

    The title is clean in Idaho, but we did find an insurance claim for I think Oregon; or Washington on the Carfax..
    I will discus details on the car with the buyer; will be willing to ship as long as the check is 'cleared' by the bank before the car and title leave my house
    Lots of interest; but no deposit yet; this is the only h26 that I know is for sale in the USA; might be some in Europe:)
    Price drop to 18k
    If you are interested, let me know soon; car might be going to Poland:)
    I think that's r3v members car, it was listed on BAT and didn't sell. Not 100% sure though, if it is that members car then it's a replica with real parts.

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    Originally posted by Sonny
    Buy the E30s, they ain't gonna last long
    E30 can make you, E30 can break you
    "He who controls the Nova's, controls the Boomers"


      If the body is as straight & clean as it looks in the pics, it's worth the price and more.

      1989 BMW 325is E30 - $2800

      Unfortunately selling my 1989 BMW E30. This has been my car for the past 3 years or so. I bought the car from a mechanic who bought the car from another mechanic. I was told most of its life was spent in South Carolina and has only been in New England for 5 years or so. Since my ownership, I completed a full windows out, color change paint. The color is Riviera Blue from a BMW 2002. Additionally, I've also done some basic mechanical maintenance. This car has been incredibly reliable, starting every time I turned the key except this spring (dead battery).

      Mechanically, it runs strong for 280k. I was planning to do an engine swap eventually due to the miles and have not touched the engine or engine bay (still original color). I can see ARP headstuds so I know the previous head gasket used the right parts, however, the head gasket is due soon to be replaced.

      The car has H&R Sport springs and Bilstein shocks, however, one or more of the shocks could be replaced. I replaced the front control arms and bushings and breaks and pads all the way around when I painted the car (270k). Most of the after market parts on the car were on the car when I bought it including the UUC short shifter, Remus catback, short ram intake, aftermarket clutch, projector head lights, electronic door locks, Alpine head unit, as well as a few euro interior parts. When the car was painted, I also replaced the front fenders, however, since they are not OEM, the fit is not perfect. I also had one of the hard break lines replaced.

      In June, the oil was changed as well as the front, left wheel bearing. The car has not been driven more than 5 miles since.

      The wheels are Fatlace FZero2s, 15x8.5 et25 with 205 55 15 Kuhmo Ecsta tires. I bought these brand new and they are in excellent condition, however, the back tires have some rubbing from the fenders. I had the fenders rolled all the way around but the rear fenders are especially stiff, so it still rubs slightly on hard corners.

      There are a few issues. My enjoyment with the car was driving and so I didn't bother with little issues when they weren't pressing.
      The odometer stopped working the end of last year (easy fix)
      The sunroof does not open (this will not be easy to fix, cable issue)
      The dash is cracked, I have a spare dash with very minimal cracks.
      The paint is not perfect, will require some paint correction or drive as is.
      One or more shocks should probably be replaced.
      Electronic door locks go in and out, key works fine.
      Gas gauge will go in and out, tapping on the gauge seems to bring it back (easy fix).
      Sport seats have tape on them, still extremely comfortable.
      The hvac has a tick above setting 1, something is loose, this can be accessed through the engine bay.
      The engine has some oil on it around the block, however, there has never been a drip or puddle under the car.

      As with any older car, maintenance is required. I would not suggest someone buy this as their daily driver, at least until some time is put into it. The car is currently not registered and the inspection sticker ran out in the spring. I did have the car inspected every year just for safety reasons. Since I will not be replacing the car, the money I spend to get it registered would be lost, therefore, I would prefer not register/inspect it. I do still have insurance on the car as my friend was going to drive it to his mechanic but he is no longer interested.
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        Originally posted by Motheye99 View Post
        I think that's r3v members car, it was listed on BAT and didn't sell. Not 100% sure though, if it is that members car then it's a replica with real parts.

        Yea that’s a members car, but that one hasn’t been on BaT. It was another members H35 vert from Canada that didn’t sell.

        It’s a great car, if I had money I’d strongly consider it. I like to daily drive my E30s though, so it’s not the right choice for me
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          Month and a half in, e30 still at the shop.
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            So descriptive!

            1989 bmw $1200 - $1200 (newark)


            no title 1200 obo runs and is in good condition
            R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
            └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


              Very interesting...



                yeah, whatever they "hided" in there is yours! exciting!
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                    sweet m3
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                    g260 (1987 325is 5spd tranny)


                      i think the EVO front looks strangely huge on a standard ride height car, apart from that it's a real beauty!


                        Looks like a seller that doesn’t know the car that well so, yeah, I hope somebody gets it.

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                          That's right on the fence on being an amazing deal
                          Originally posted by wholepailofwater

                          WTB: Dove Grey e36 Front Door Panels (2 door)


                            I had my co worker pick this up for me, was 10 minutes away from his house it’s a 370mm 😂
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                              I thought the 370mm's didn't have the little 'notches' beside to the two side horn buttons?
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                                Originally posted by Powling View Post
                                I thought the 370mm's didn't have the little 'notches' beside to the two side horn buttons?
                                ....that is correct.......wheel pictured is the standard 380mm