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    Originally posted by grapedrink
    Basically everything you want the IX to do is not going to happen with an IX.


      someone should really get a xfer case off a newer car and try to swap it into an e30. that may solve alot of the problems
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      Originally posted by TimKninja
      Im more afraid of this thread turning into one of those classic R3v moments, where Pizza gets delivered.


        Originally posted by bmw332i
        Well, instead of "LOL"ing, why not edumacate me? What is the drivetrain loss on an e30 325iX?
        honestly I don't know the exact figure, but 30% drivetrain loss isn't even remotely realistic for any car, regardless of its drivetrain layout.

        It's simple physics. What do you think is happening to that "lost" power? Conservation of energy: some of it is being turned into noise, some into rotational inertia (wheels, driveshafts, etc), but the vast majority turns into heat. That power doesn't just vanish into thin air.

        If drivetrain loss were 30%, and 25% of that were turned into heat energy, your drivetrain would probably melt. On a stock M20 with 168hp, that would be 42hp or ~3100 watts of energy doing nothing but heating up your transmission. say nothing of the guys running 300hp turbo ixs for many years without burning up their tranny or transfer cases.

        Also compare acceleration times between an ix and a 325is. if drivetrain loss were twice as high (15% is a good estimate for a RWD E30), wouldn't you expect an ix to be much slower? Of course it has a different final drive ratio, but balance out the extra weight (~150lbs) and added drivetrain loss (5%?) and you have a car that is .5 seconds slower in the 1/4. with 30% drivetrain loss it would certainly be much slower, don't you think?
        Build thread



          Thanks for that wonderful dissertation.


            Originally posted by NC325iC
            someone should really get a xfer case off a newer car and try to swap it into an e30. that may solve alot of the problems
            What might fit?


              I’m really interested in swapping transfer cases. So if anyone has info that might help let me know. I really don’t know anything about the ix set up. I talked to my mechanic who works on race cars and Porsches and he is really interested in doing this....I would just need to get the funds together haha