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The Official "E30 Sightings" Thread

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    Originally posted by Joe G View Post
    I didn't realize you were in KC. I live in Brookside, KCMO.
    I don't live in KC, though I travel to OP frequently for work.
    Originally posted by kronus
    would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


      Spotted early model turbo e30 up at Deals Gap today. Anyone on here? Looked/sounded great!


        Spotted this guy parked at the garage where my 'vert was getting some servicing here in Woodbridge. R3v stickers so I know you're on here!
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          Spotted an m50 swap inside whatever russian car this is. I think this group is the russian die antwood. Crazy mofos.

          AWD > RWD


            Saw it today in Brick right off the Parkway

            Euro Delivery Thread///E30 Project Klaus


              Look at this fucking beautiful alpine touring i saw the other day...just look at it!!!

              Jesus Christ this thing is gorgeous.

              form.follows.function IG @mplfoster


                Spotted two e30s in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

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                  Originally posted by htseng View Post

                  John Muir walnut creek. It oddly
                  Had a car under surveillance sign in the back window

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                  That car was in Berkley for who knows how many years, I left a note on it (like 100's of others I'm sure, it was parked across the street from the university). I never got a call back, and doubt I ever will. Didn't moved much as you can see from the ivy growing up the right rear wheel, one day it just disappeared.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  1992 M tech 2 Convertible - S50 Swap
                  1992 e34 Touring- S50 Swap
                  1992 318i-S50 Swap

                  1995 e36 M3 Mugello Red - S50
                  1991 325i Convertible Laguna Green (SOLD)
                  1987 325i (SOLD);1992 M tech 2 Convertible (SOLD)
                  1988 325i Convertible Alpine White (SOLD)
                  Brilliantrot Convertible 80k Miles (SOLD)
                  1992 325i Convertible Schwarz (SOLD)
                  1992 318i Convertible Project-Finished (SOLD)


                    This is a bit late... but it was Thanksgiving Day, in Ashburn, VA. I saw a little old lady with silver wiry hair (had to be in her 70s) driving a BEAUTIFUL Zinno E30 M3 headed the opposite direction down Farmwell Rd (at intersection of Ashburn Village Blvd).

                    Unfortunately, my girlfriend was driving, and we were late to get to her parents... had I been driving, I'd have flipped a U and seen if she'd be willing to part with it.

                    Anyone know who the little old lady is?


                      Yeah, she lives in Pasadena, MD.


              , whats off in the back there.....


                          Originally posted by rcsoundn1 View Post
                , whats off in the back there.....
                          defininately an e30... prolly in minty condition if it's in that garage...
                          '90 325i sedan daily driven
                          '85 325e coupe also a daily


                            Originally posted by rcsoundn1 View Post
                  , whats off in the back there.....
                            Locked away since 1991, that's pretty much a brand new ix.



                              Def an IX with the body kit


                                good to see the old e30 spotting ...... is alive & well,:coolphoto: